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For the third consecutive year, Austin Adventures is dedicating the entire month of February to acknowledging and rewarding the professional travel community for their role in promoting and selling adventure travel. Rewards during the month include raising the standard agent commission from 12 percent to 15 percent for all reservations.

Throughout the month, Austin Adventures has scheduled a variety of programs specifically for the travel trade. Events and recognitions include an informative webinar along with month-long and weekly booking rewards and incentives.

“One of the reasons that we can enjoy and maintain our position as a leader in the world of active multisport and family adventure travel is the relationship we have with our travel agent partners. Today’s counselor is hip and knowledgeable about the marketplace and in tune with their clients’ most passionate travel desires,” said Dan Austin, founder and CEO in press material. “We’ve learned over the years that a good travel agent is worth their weight in gold. Our goal is to make each agent we work with a hero to their customers—and our lifelong partner.”

Austin speaks from a long history of his company’s success working with travel agents. In 2014, the company was invited to join the Virtuoso Network as a Preferred Tour Operator and Partner. In 2018 Austin Adventures saw their travel agent-sourced bookings double over the previous year. They are already on pace in 2020 to exceed last year’s travel agent-sourced business. More and more agents have found Austin Adventures to be a trusted resource for top quality and high value scheduled, custom, and bespoke adventures.

When asked why travel agents have embraced Austin Adventures as a top source for active custom and small group travel, Austin points to these factors:

  • His company is an expert at obtaining hard-to-get national park lodging at peak times with prime accommodations built into their tour itineraries
  • They are a recognized leader in offering creative custom and private itineraries for clients; “If you can dream it, Austin Adventures can build it”
  • They enjoy behind-the-scenes VIP access thanks to the deep relationships the company has established with suppliers and partners
  • Regularly acknowledged by the media, Austin Adventures sets the highest standards when it comes to top quality family itineraries and national park vacations
  • Austin Adventures offers its unique brand of travel on all seven continents
  • They have been engaging satisfied guests for 40 years and are a two-time winner of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Award for Adventure Tour Operators in 2009 and again in 2012.
austin adventures
Austin Adventures rewards advisors with bonus commission and more.

Month-long Rewards
Throughout February, Austin Adventures will increase agent commissions to an industry-high of 15 percent. Additional travel agent rewards, bonuses, and incentives will run all month long.

Revolving Weekly Booking Incentives
Every Tuesday morning in February, Austin Adventures will e-mail and post online incentives for agency clients to help close a travel agent’s sale.

For complete details and changing offers and incentives throughout February,visit:

Special Travel Agent Webinar
Agents are invited to register for and participate in a webinar on Friday, January 31st at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

For more information and to register, visit

This webinar will provide:

  • An overview of Austin Adventures, past, present and future
  • The company’s style and approach to active, adventure travel
  • Company tools and resources to help agents attract clients and close a sale
  • A review of February Travel Agent Appreciation Month Rewards and Incentives
  • An opportunity for Q&A.

“Today’s marketplace, dominated by the Internet, has increased access to travel information but in turn has made the personal, living and breathing expert more important than ever,” sayss out Austin in press material. “Agents have access, resources, connections and knowledge that would take the average traveler a lifetime to build. We love the role the travel agent fills for countless reasons.”

austin adventures
Austin Adventures says working with a travel advisor helps them promote adventure travel.

Austin points to their top reasons for working with a Travel Advisor as:

  • Travel agents help tell Austin Adventures’ unique story to passionate travelers;
  • The opportunity for creative, synergistic initiatives like co-marketing and preferred supplier partnerships that will extend both of our brands and reach
  • Agents, like Austin Adventures, are entrepreneurial, small business owners who can act fast and think out of the box
  • Agents display a true passion for quality travel that rivals that of Austin Adventures
  • The best agents are travel ambassadors who inspire more people to travel more often and to seek out new and captivating destinations, cultures and natural worlds

For more information on how Austin Adventures works with agents, visit