ASTA Tackles Upcoming Travel Issues

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ASTA Global Convention

With the New Distribution Capability (NDC), airlines are changing the way travel is sold by affecting how airline content, such as airfares, routes and seat availability reaches passengers through websites and travel agencies.

While the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the airlines are the first to lead the way with NDC, cruise lines and hotels are expected to follow. One of the proposed changes with NDC is the in-depth customer profiling, which will challenge users shopping anonymously and comparing base prices and services. Travel agents will be in the middle of the confusion affecting both suppliers and clients. This is one issue that ASTA experts believe will hugely affect travel professionals.

At the ASTA Global Convention, which takes place in Miami, Sept. 16-19, travel professionals will have the opportunity to learn more about this issue and others affecting the industry as key players discuss how upcoming changes will affect agents and their clients.

Through a series of panels and in-depth discussions, travel professionals will learn more about cruises, airlines, cars, tours, hotels and technology. For example, travel agents can participate in education breakout sessions with themes like, “How to Make Money with the Airlines” and “Social Media Beyond the Basics.”

ASTA will be discussing the NDC issue at the Town Hall meeting at 4 p.m. on Sept. 17. To register, visit