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American Cruise Lines is introducing a new tiered commission structure that allows travel agents to increase their earning potential. Under the new tiered program, many agents will immediately qualify for commission increases of up to 15 percent. The line has also lowered thresholds to make it easier for smaller agencies to quickly move into higher tier brackets.

Additionally, the commission structure will also now reward agents for selling higher cabin categories by basing tiers on revenue as oppsed to ticket counts.

“On average, agents can expect to earn well over $1,000 per double occupancy booking, and those that produce can expect to earn even more” says Kallie Biggs, travel agent market manager for American Cruise Lines, in press materials. “American has some of the most loyal cruise guests in the country, so agents have fantastic earning potential from just one booking. Happy customers keep coming back which means that commission checks keep coming in.” For more information, call (888) 323-4741 or visit