Send out the beacon call to your most ambitious adventure-seeking, goal-setting clients. The Salamander Resort & Spa is partnering with extreme adventurer and 8-time world record holder Sean Burch to bring clients on two exclusive journeys that are not for the faint of heart: The Extreme Getaway weekend and the Two Years to the Top package, which prepares guests to climb Mt. Everest.

Taking place on Nov. 3-5, 2017, The Extreme Getaway is for those looking for a retreat that will both challenge and inspire them. The weekend escape will feature group fitness classes, healthy cooking lessons, adventurous activities like mountain biking and ziplining, plus nightly chats with Burch about his past expeditions.

For those who want to take on an even bigger challenge, the Salamander Resort & Spa—tucked away in Virginia’s wine and horse country just outside of D.C.—will become the training grounds for clients planning to tame the beast that is Mt. Everest. Included in this 2-year itinerary crafted by the resort and Burch are five 1-week stays and 20 weekend stays with hand-selected meals and spa experiences to fit the needs of each athlete in the program. While not at the resort, participants in the Two Years to the Top program will have daily communication with Burch along with customized workout regimens and meal plans to ensure that they’re progressing throughout the two years to meet their goal of conquering Everest.

Clients who can’t participate in The Extreme Getaway or the Two Years to the Top package but are interested in this type of programming can still take advantage of Burch’s expertise through the Adventure Signature Series for Salamander Resort & Spa guests. Through this onsite program, guests will be able to participate in activities like group fitness classes, hiking and snowshoeing in the winter.

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