Fairmont’s Platinum Honeymoon Program

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There’s an old joke that goes something like this: a young man with stars in his eyes looks at a girl and asks, “Do you know where we’d be if I were a millionaire?” The girl replies, “Yes. We’d be on our honeymoon.”

Shunning the gold-digging implications of this apocryphal story, the tale has a grain of truth to it because when planning a honeymoon, expenses generally take a back seat to elegance, comfort and, most importantly, seclusion.

Aside from the wedding itself, the honeymoon may be the most meticulously planned and awaited event for a couple starting a new life together, as selecting a destination and the task of picking first-rate accommodations often culminates in a perplexed snit.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Some of the paramount hotels and resorts have lowered the rates for glamorous honeymoon packages, and with the dollar gaining strength against most foreign currencies, this might be the ideal time to steer honeymooners towards a journey bound to delight and enthrall.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, one of the most respected names in the hotel industry, offers a dazzling selection of packages and attractions to make the honeymoon an experience that will remain deeply etched in a couple’s trove of memories.

Newlyweds are traditionally a fastidious lot, insisting on making the most of their first few days together—and couples tend to gravitate to places catering to their particular taste.

This is where Fairmont excels. The hotel collection is so dedicated to making honeymoons a special occasion that couples contemplating any of its properties will find choices that are as extensive and varied as the 91 worldwide locales where they are located.

With this in mind, the Fairmont has introduced what may become a benchmark in catering to newlyweds: a Platinum Honeymoon program for couples who hold their wedding at any Fairmont property.

This program (prices vary depending on date, location and services) includes detailed assistance in planning the particulars of a wedding and honeymoon, as well as providing the couple with a credit towards a honeymoon at any one of Fairmont’s global locations.

Newlyweds who book both their wedding and honeymoon with Fairmont will receive up to a 5 percent credit based on the total cost of the wedding. Once a honeymoon of three nights or more is booked, the credit comes in the form of a Fairmont gift card that can be used towards accommodations or for interludes such as romantic candlelit dinners, massages or other Fairmont offerings to help set the mood of the honeymoon.

Fairmont executives call this “our wedding gift to newlyweds,” as the gift card can also be used toward a honeymoon booking or other Fairmont services or merchandise.

Couples participating in the wedding program receive the same personal attention during the honeymoon. One of the most appealing touches is the Fairmont Platinum Concierge program, a distinctive “one-stop shopping” approach to honeymoons that includes assistance in selecting venues, planning secluded getaways, booking tee and spa times, scuba diving expeditions or sightseeing jaunts.

To help give the honeymoon its custom-made air, the bride and groom are asked to specify favorite activities, preferred destinations and specific properties that might kindle their interest. The Platinum Concierge takes care of the rest.

Fairmont may be the premier brand of hotels and resorts for couples seeking the bright lights of a thrilling city, the quiet solitude of the wilderness, a remote beach getaway, or merely a place to idle away the afterglow of romance while being pampered by an attentive staff.

According to a spokesperson, Fairmont properties offer such an extensive range of activities that “honeymooners will have a reason to get out of bed.”

Indeed, it seems as if the collection has tailored its newlywed program to go far beyond celebrating the occasion. A honeymoon in any Fairmont resort will pay homage to its particular locale while at the same time imparting couples the opportunity to take part in authentic experiences that reflect the distinctiveness of their honeymoon.

Some of the most appealing examples of the Fairmont honeymoon program include the Bermuda Moon Dance, offered at The Fairmont Southampton on the island’s south shore. It consists of a festive and elegant event culminating in an exquisite, 5-course dinner at the resort’s secluded beach. Here, at the water’s edge, couples sip champagne under the moonlight while a private butler attends to the minutia of the dinner from start to finish.