The Marker Waterfront Resort Travel Offer

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The Marker Waterfront Resort, located in Key West, is  near the historic seaport, is offering the Dock & Explore package for guests heading to the resort for a minimmum of three days.

Dock & Explore at The Marker Waterfront Resort package, includes a nightly boat slip for vessels up to 30 ft. at the A&B Marina located in Key West’s Historic Seaport, overnight accommodations at The Marker, three pools available only to hotel guests, and outdoor watersport activities courtesy of the onsite partner FURY.

A minimum three days notice is required for slip rental. Subject to availability. Slip reservation required. Contact the hotel at (305) 501-5193 to secure slip.

The property offers spacious guestrooms with panoramic views of either tropical gardens or the picturesque Key West Harbor.

Every room features a private porch overlooking three stunning and secluded swimming pools, a lush landscape of tropical flowers, and native plants that transports guests to an island paradise. Poolside cocktail service at each allows for guests to enjoy their time swimming, sunning and sipping.

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