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Have you heard of the trend where people take yoga classes with animals roaming around? Sometimes it’s llamas or goats. Well at Hotel Haya, your yogi clients can now take a yoga class with chickens.

Ybor City, Florida is known for chickens roaming throughout its streets. Inspired by its Ybor location, Hotel Haya has combined the presence of these local birds with a community yoga class to offer Chicken Yoga. As part of the class, yogis can enjoy a relaxing hour of poses with some of Ybor’s local chickens.

The Chicken Yoga class is hosted by Union Three Studio, and chickens are brought in by Ybor Misfits Microsanctuary—a local sanctuary for abandoned birds. In an effort to give back, Union Three Studio has waived the class fee, and instead requests a donation of $10 to the Microsanctuary to support Ybor’s chicken population.

Fun Fact: The wild chicken population that currently resides in Ybor City are direct descendants of the chickens that lived in the backyards of the neighborhood’s earliest residents over 100 years ago.

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