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Set within the island’s 90,000 acres, Sensei Lāna’I, A Four Seasons Resort is located in Kō’ele, the traditionally spiritual uplands of the Hawaiian Island of Lâna’l. Surrounded by gently rolling mountains, beckoning valleys and expansive plateaus that lead to the crashing ocean, Sensei Lâna’l offers 96 spacious accommodations seamlessly integrated into the surroundings of pine forests and palm trees. Tranquil pathways wind through the property, which includes a peaceful and unique sculpture garden with works by world-renowned artists. Water features include an onsen garden with 10 heated soaking tubs, gazing pond, lap pool and three whirlpools.

Other spaces include a yoga pavilion, gym, movement studios and individual 1,000-sq.-ft. spa hales (Hawaiian for “home”) that offer personal sanctuaries to unwind, rejuvenate and refresh. Bringing together the natural elements of the island that envelop the retreat, the idyllic landscape infuses programming and leisure activities that range from ziplining in an outdoor adventure park, to exploration of the untouched wilderness for an immersive and nurturing connection with nature. All dining is under the direction of Sensei by Nobu, highlighting sustainable ingredients from nearby Sensei Farms, and with ample seating and sweeping outdoor dining spaces. Additionally, all guests enjoy semi-private inter-island transport on Lānaʻi Air from Honolulu and transport to the resort’s sister beach property.

In conjunction with the State of Hawaii reopening, Sensei plans to open to transpacific travelers October 15th.

The Main Points of Distinction
Sensei was founded by Larry Ellison, technology pioneer and co-founder of Oracle, and Dr. David Agus, a world-leading physician and scientist, a best- selling author and CBS News contributor. The two leading innovators were brought together by the loss of a close friend and motivated by a shared purpose: to help people live longer, healthier lives. From the unique collaboration of these two accomplished visionaries, the Sensei Way was born. The Sensei Way remains at the heart of the retreat experience, and distills preventive health science, data and research into three simple paths for everyday living: move, nourish and rest. Movement is how we interact with our environment, nourishment is what fuels us, and rest is how we recover and grow.

Each path is connected and enriched by the others, forming an essential balance that requires commitment, calibration, devotion and consistency to one’s self. These are the tools each Sensei retreat guest will learn and depart with.

Data and technology are part of the DNA of Sensei. Currently, the use of technology is an integral part of the retreat experience. Sensei uses technology to gain a deep understanding of each guest including the complete story of each individual’s body, something most people have never experienced. With the Guided Sensei Experience, a dynamic pre-arrival questionnaire allows the team to familiarize themselves with a guest’s background and goals and help prepare their customized itinerary.

Sensei also incorporates technology into one of the more unique services, which is thermal body mapping. In the comfort of a private spa quarter (known locally as a hale), massage practitioners use exclusive Sensei-developed thermographic technology to create a visual map of the body, revealing asymmetries, muscle tightness and areas of pain. Using these key data points, the practitioner provides a custom massage with targeted bodywork, helping the guest gain greater flexibility and alignment while discovering a new appreciation for the body and the way it carries one through the world.

Sensei Lāna’I, A Four Seasons Resort offers exceptional wellness experiences.

New Health & Safety Protocols and Procedures
From the establishment of the new position of Hygiene Officer to ensure compliance of health and safety guidelines, to the implementation of

UV Light cleaners, screening at arrivals to verify health status and additional options for private activities, Sensei Lāna’i has adopted extensive new protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of both staff and guests.

“Sensei has always been on a mission to promote preventative care and healthy lifestyles,” says hotel manager David Emig. “In light of COVID-19, Sensei’s commitment to health and safety continues to be top of mind.” To ensure that protocols reflect the latest research and recommendations, Sensei also leveraged the knowledge and expertise of co-founder, Dr. Agus, also aligned with Four Seasons’ Lead With Care program.

Types of activities / programs offered?
The fully-curated Guided Sensei Experience starts at $1,610 per night, per room, double occupancy, which includes a Four Seasons hotel room, personal Sensei Guide to assist guests with pre-arrival and throughout their stay, and $1,200 in daily wellness credits (per room) to use toward the Experiences Menu of spa services, one-on-one wellness and fitness consultations, and sport and island activities including mountain biking, tennis, golf and sailing. (Single rates start at $1,130 per night)

The Select-Choice Experience starts at $650 per night, double occupancy, and includes overnight accommodations and flexible a la carte options from the Experiences Menu.

Both options, which can be combined throughout one’s stay for greater flexibility, include access to up to 12 complimentary wellbeing classes each day that range from exploration of the lush surroundings via small-group, instructor-led hikes to yoga, fitness, meditation and more. The choices available in the Experience Menu include treatments in a private spa hale: fitness, yoga, and meditation instruction by experienced practitioners; nutrition and mindfulness sessions; as well inspirational activities such as horseback riding or sunset cruises.

What types of clients does the property typically cater to and what clients would feel most comfortable at the property?
Sensei Lānaʻi, a Four Seasons Resort is an ultra-luxury retreat catering to high-end travelers seeking to learn healthier lifestyle practices in an inspiring and supportive environment. The property is adults-only, allowing only guests ages 16 plus.

What client goals/intentions might be achieved by selecting this property?
The primary goal of the Sensei Way is to help guests learn how to lead healthier, longer lives by making small lifestyle changes. Sensei enables self-discovery by providing guests with an educational, enriching environment and evidence-led teachings that give them the opportunity to open up to new insights and experiences to incorporate into their daily lives.

Can programs be customized to suit client’s needs?
Personalization leads all aspects of the Sensei experience, as guests collaborate with a Sensei Guide or Pre-arrival Specialist to craft a customized stay, whether they opt for a fully curated Guided Sensei Experience or an à la carte Select-Choice Experience.

What is the best time to travel?
The Hawaiian Islands boast pleasantly warm and tropical weather year-round, making it an ideal getaway, whether clients are looking to escape summer heat waves or winter chills. Guests can enjoy their stay at Sensei Lanai any time throughout the year.

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