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Established in 2005, Richmond Nua Wellness Spa is located a 2-hours’ drive from Istanbul Airport where Lake Sapanca meets the forest. The wellness resort offers 131 rooms, 20 of which are suites, and a 30,000 sq.-ft. spa area, which houses steam baths, Turkish baths, hot tubs, recreational areas and the Vital Bar serving herbal teas and other natural beverages. The most popular facials and body treatments are provided with natural and exclusive cosmetic products. Richmond Nua Wellness Spa serves wellness-minded domestic and foreign guests with its outdoor pool and lakefront beach, massage cabanas in the garden, restaurants, tennis court, walking trail, meeting rooms and fitness center. International and Turkish tastes are presented in addition to a special “Beautyfood” menu prepared for those who prefer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw food diets, and with calculated calories.

What makes your property unique, distinctive?
Turkey’s first and still only “destination spa,” all Richmond Nua Wellness Spa’s guestrooms feature lake views. Another highlight of the spa is the numerous steam baths, with temperatures ranging from 30°C to 110°C.

Richmond Nua offers personalized care programs, healthy menus and innovative therapies designed to enhance wellness. In addition to its year-round facilities and activities, the hotel hosts British therapist, Paul Emery, each year for a full month. Guests are given the opportunity to book Emery for therapy sessions designed to help eliminate negatives factors including stress, anxiety, trauma and bad habits.

Winner of various prestigious international awards, including the “World’s Best Luxury Destination Spa” award by World Luxury Spa Awards, Richmond Nua’s skin care and massage therapies are carried out by Balinese therapists.

wellness spa
The Salt Jacuzzi at Richmond Nua Wellness Spa. (Photo courtesy of Richmond Nua Wellness Spa.)

Types of Programs Offered—Duration and Cost
There are a number of different all-inclusive programs available on a year-round basis, the include the following:

  • The three to 14-night Green Juice and Raw Food Detox programs available year-round and with package prices starting at approx. $482.
  • The Hypoxi Marathon program, a healthy body contouring method, designed to help guests drop a size in just four days. The program, which uses exercise and vacuum therapy with Hypoxi devices, is also supported with an individually tailored Hypoxi nutrition menu. The price per person for the 4-night package is approx. $765.
  • The minimum-stay, 7-night Nua Slim and Nua Fit programs, specially developed for Richmond Nua by experts, has been designed to help participants get rid of excess weight and gain a stronger and fitter body. The complete program is approx. $964 pp.
  • And when it comes to the spa, all-inclusive packages of up to four nights range in price from $290 to $1,500 for two. Guests participating in any of the wellness programs also receive a 20 percent discount on spa treatments, plus a 20 percent discount is applied to any extra expenses incurred by guests participating in the wellness programs.

What types of clients do you typically cater to and what clients would feel most comfortable at the property?
Richmond Nua accepts guests aged 14 and older, and maintaining an environment of serenity is at the forefront. The spa’s guests are mainly from Generation X and Generation Y, including couples who want to spend private time together, business people, journalists, writers, those who embrace the wellness lifestyle, those looking for a romantic atmosphere, those who want to enjoy a girls’ day at the spa, and even expectant mothers. Institutions and companies choose Richmond Nua’s wellness-concept meeting packages for their strategy and motivation camps.

wellness spa
The Osman Steam Bath. (Photo courtesy of Richmond Nua Wellness Spa.)

What client goals/intentions might be achieved by selecting this property?
Those who want to adopt a new lifestyle, get rid of excess weight or get in shape quickly, plus have a healthier body when they leave, will benefit from the resorts’ 7-night (or longer) programs.

Guests who have limited time, but still want to relax, get in touch with nature, and achieve a clear mind and a serene mood after a busy and stressful period in their lives, can also benefit from a shorter stay incorporated as part of a longer travel agenda.

Can programs be customized to suit a client’s needs?
All slimming and weight loss programs are planned and customized by experts according to personal needs after the initial one-on-one health screening. Upon request and for an additional cost, guests can also add activities and services such as yoga, Pilates, personal training and diet counseling to the programs.

What is the best time to travel?
From April to June, the average temperature hovers in the high 70s making this time of year an ideal time to enjoy the natural attractions of Sapanca before the temperature rises. Outdoor activities such as skiing, horseback riding, trekking, off-road and ATV safari are also available throughout the year. And, of course, the steam rooms can be enjoyed whether it’s raining or even snowing outside. Richmond Nua offers a different experience every season.

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