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Voted as USA Today’s #1 Health & Wellness Resort in 2016, 2017, and 2019, and the recipient of numerous worldwide accolades, Hilton Head Health—located on the shores of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina—offers more than just traditional weight loss and wellness programs.

Renowned behavioral psychologist Dr. Peter Miller founded Hilton Head Health in 1976 as an alternative to disparaging and ineffective “fat farms.” Over the past several decades, Hilton Head Health has evolved to include programs in weight loss, wellness, and longevity with award-winning gourmet cuisine, a wide variety of individualized programs, and a full menu of spa services. The resort offers free shuttle services to/from both the Savannah and Hilton Head airports and is centrally located around world-class golf courses, tennis courts, and relaxing beaches.

Point of Distinction
The programs at Hilton Head Health are administered by world-class certified instructors and have been scientifically designed to help people achieve long-term sustained weight loss and wellness. By incorporating personalized fitness classes, wellness lectures, health screenings, gourmet meals, cooking classes/demonstrations, yoga and meditation classes, plus spa services, Hilton Head Health has created an all-encompassing program that has, over the years, proven to lead to real, effective, and healthy changes for many of its guests. The program, when paired with specialized workshops (such as an Emotional Eating and a Diabetes Empowerment workshop), allows Hilton Head Health to offer something for everybody. Since it opened over 40 years ago, Hilton Head Health has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, A&E’s Heavy, the Oprah Magazine, The Today Show, Fox News, Forbes, and many others.

Hilton Head Health
Working out with a personal trainer at Hilton Head Health.

Types of Programs Offered—Duration and Cost
Hilton Head Health offers all-inclusive programs that are completely personalized based on each guests’ individual goals, needs, and overall health. Program costs include housing and all meals for the duration of the stay.

The wellness resort prides itself on being the gold-standard for weight loss retreats. For those who are looking to gain the tools that they need to help them get started on their individual weight loss journeys, Hilton Head Health offers their week-long JumpStart program. For those who are seeking a residency program, there’s the award-winning flagship month-long program LoseWell. Programs start at $3,525 per week for JumpStart and $14,925 for the entire LoseWell program (four weeks of residency followed by four weeks of post-stay support).

For those who need to refresh their well-being, develop healthier habits, or who just want a healthy vacation, the week-long LivingWell program and the shortened Healthy Getaway programs are perfect. Prices start at $3,225 per week for LivingWell and $510 per night for Healthy Getaway.

Additionally, Hilton Head Health recently released their new Executive Program, which is designed for stressed out executives who need to manage their health along with a high-octane career. This program starts at $3,600 per week.

What Types of Clients Do You Typically Cater to and What Clients Would Feel Most Comfortable at the Property? 
Hilton Head Health truly offers something for everybody. In general, people who attend Hilton Head Health have one thing in common: to lead a happy and healthy life and to achieve a sustained state of well-being. Due in part to Hilton Head Health offering individualized programs in both weight loss and wellness, all types of guests will feel comfortable and welcome within the halls and the programs. The team has worked with guests from all age groups, weight ranges, states of health, and personal reasons for attending. The view of Hilton Head Health is that everybody is deserving of a happy and healthy life, and that is certainly reflected among their demographics.

Hilton Head Health
Culinary lessons for healthy eating with the onsite chef at Hilton Head Health.

What Client Goals/Intentions Might be Achieved by Selecting this Property?
Guests come visit Hilton Head Health for a variety of reasons. Some guests need a structured weight loss program, while others are looking for more of a self-guided wellness vacation. Some want to learn how to cook and eat more healthy, while others are looking for tips on longevity. The one common denomination is that those who participate in programs are wanting to lead healthier lives.

Hilton Head Health’s philosophy is derived from three main pillars: Move Well, Eat Well, and Be Well. Guests interact with each pillar as part of a comprehensive program.

Move Well encompasses the fitness portion of the programs. Leading one-on-one sessions to group classes, their certified fitness instructors ensure that every guest receives the proper fitness experience with their safety in mind. Fitness classes include pool activities, strength training, cardiovascular work, stretch and recovery, and outdoor fitness activities including hikes and beach walks.

Eat Well focuses on mindful eating and the balance of nutrition and flavors, ensuring the Hilton Head Health HHH meal plan doesn’t feel like a diet. A Mediterranean inspired diet has been scientifically shown to aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. The HHH kitchen also features a plant-based menu as well as items that are gluten-free and dairy-free to accommodate food allergies and eating styles. Hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations are available. Additionally, their in-house Registered Dietitian is always available to assist with any questions as well.

Be Well brings in the mindfulness element to the program. Via a mix of classes and activities, guests are instructed on best practices to control their thoughts with how to incorporate mindful actions into their daily lives. Their wellness experts ensure that guests leave with a better understanding of how to master their motivation, set goals, rest their minds, and be present in the moment. Guests can also choose to take advantage of the full-service Indigo Spa, which offers a variety of relaxing massages, manicures, and pedicures.

Hilton Head Health
Outdoor fun on a kayak at Hilton Head Health.

Can Programs be Customized to Suit Clients’ Needs?
Hilton Head Health recognizes that each person is an individual with different goals and needs. As such, the various sessions and classes within the programs are often customized around each guest’s needs. The staff is fully trained on fitness and dietary modifications and the program concierges are always available to help guests if they have questions or need guidance.

What is the Best Time to Travel?
Due to the all-inclusive cost structure of the programs and the fact that Hilton Head Health is located on the southeast coast of South Carolina within the private gated Shipyard community, the best time to travel is entirely dependent on each person’s personal timetable and schedule. The fall and winter months tend to have cooler weather (temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s) with less people on the island, while the spring and summer months can reach temperatures in the 90s – 100s with the island generally being busier.

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