Undiscovered Britain Tours

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Undiscovered Britain
Visit Undiscovered Britain with new tours for 2019. (Photo courtesy of Globus family of brands.)

Check out the undiscovered places that tell the stories and secrets of Great Britain’s green hills and seaside villages with Globus, Cosmos, and the new Cosmos Lite on nine Undiscovered Britain Tours, including seven new tours for 2019.

Among the new itineraries is the 12-day Britain Undiscovered, starting at $2,429, which takes guests to Exeter, a small city on the Exe River that offers history and heritage pre-dating the Romans’ arrival in 50 A.D. Travelers will also get to know the locals in Widecombe-in-the-Moor while they enjoy a drink of Shandy or a “cuppa” tea while in the village. They’ll also wander around Tintern, including the crumbling ruins of the Cistercian Abbey in Wales’ Wye Valley, which served as inspiration for Jane Austin. Finally, they’ll visit William Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Other new itineraries include the 6-day Hidden Treasures of Southern England, starting at $1,394; the 7-day Scottish Escape, starting at $799; the 6-day British Highlights, starting at $949; and the 7-day Scottish Outlander Adventure, starting at $1,149.

And, for those looking for a more customized experience, the new Cosmos Lite journeys offer itineraries with the freedom for travelers to tailor each day according to their individual interests, budgets, and pace. Cosmos Lite is also unveiling two new Undiscovered Britain tours for 2019 including the 7-day England Explorer starting at $699, and the 7-day Scottish Explorer starting at $699.

In addition, if you book now though Nov. 27, 2019, you’ll save your clients 10 percent off on a 2019 Globus Europe vacation. For more information, visit globusjourneys.com.