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Contiki, which focuses on tours for 18-35-year-olds — Gen Z and Millennials — has found that these generations are desperate to travel, with 63 percent of them wanting to travel this year, according to Contiki’s Voice of a Generation survey.

In fact, the survey found that 58 percent would travel right now even if it meant having to pay for quarantine when they return home, and 71 percent would take the COVID vaccine just to use their passport and hop on a plane again.

The survey revealed that Gen Z and Millennials are missing discovering new destinations (39 percent) and experiencing something for the first time (21 percent). Domestic travel is still quite popular, with 77 percent surveyed looking to explore their home this year. And, quite interestingly, around 25 percent are considering a gap-year or sabbatical to make up for lost time.

When it comes to traveling internationally, Europe still tops the must-visit list for Gen Z and Millennials, with 41 percent eager to explore the region, followed by Asia at 11 percent and Africa a close third. Most surveyed are hoping to travel this summer with 34 percent planning to travel between May through to September, followed by 25 percent having a “plan to travel but not sure when.”

Gen Z and Millennials are so desperate to get out and explore the world, that 40 percent of those surveyed said they’d “happily spend a week or so without tech to travel again and reconnect with people.” And they’d switch phones out for unique experiences such as safaris and stargazing, which tops the list at 87 percent, over-indexing on desired travel experiences followed by experiencing new cultures and trying new food (66 percent), exploring the great outdoors (62 percent), having adventures (56 percent), and immersing themselves in wellness activities (46 percent).

Summing it up, 48 percent now appreciate travel more, 20 percent have promised themselves to take more trips, more often; followed by a need to travel sustainably.

The Luxury Market
Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations—sister company to Contiki—have been busy with a survey of their own…this one of luxury vacationers.

The survey has found that upper premium and luxury segment of travel is bouncing back quicker than others, with 50 percent ready to travel now or in late 2021. That said, 46 percent would prefer to travel in 2022, as opposed to 30 percent who said 2021 is fine by them. What’s most important to them? You guessed it—supplier protocols (90 percent agree), as well as

wellbeing on trips and traveling in small groups (80 percent agree). Fifty-four percent would rather travel in private groups. No surprise that Europe topped the list of where to travel next (more than 56 percent), with 24 percent noting that they’d rather stay close to home in the U.S.

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