The Reverie Saigon, a 286-room hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, is spicing up its bespoke food offerings with the launch of guided excursions highlighting the city’s multi-layered food scene.

The hotel, Vietnam’s only Leading Hotel of the World, launched the excursion in partnership with Hidden Saigon, a tour company that focuses on unique experiences in the city. A Taste of Hidden Saigon looks at the evolution of Vietnamese cuisine, from street-food stalls and local markets to sidewalk vendors and contemporary fine dining.

More than just an opportunity to taste authentic Vietnamese dishes, the experience takes guests on a journey through the progression of Saigon’s rich and varied culinary landscape through the eyes of someone who has been living it for over a decade.

Led by Linh Phan, a Vietnamese-Canadian creative producer whose work over the past 11 years has focused on highlighting another side of Vietnam other than phở, bánh mì and conical hats, the tour gives guests the chance to sample dishes and visit places that have shaped the culture.

“So much of modern Vietnamese cuisine is inspired by what’s happening out on the streets and in the little eateries tucked into this and that corner of the city,” said Linh, in a statement. “These vendors are going strong, but unless you know where to look, they’re all but invisible.”

Visitors can opt to wake with the city for a morning tour that concludes after lunch or get a taste of the city after dark with an excursion that begins in the afternoon and concludes with dinner.

A Taste of Hidden Saigon is an optional add-on to The Reverie’s Sampling Saigon foodie package, which invites guests to take in the hotel’s own culinary offerings including fine dining Chinese at The Royal Pavilion or upscale Italian at R&J.

The two-night package includes round-trip airport transfers, choice of buffet breakfast at Café Cardinal or in-room dining, and a $200 dining credit for use at The Royal Pavilion or R&J.

Sampling Saigon rates start at $410, exclusive of off-site excursions.

A Taste of Hidden Saigon starts at $280 per person for a minimum of two persons and a maximum group size of six persons.

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