Mantis Offers Luxury in All Forms

Treehotel in Sweden.
Treehotel in Sweden.

Whether your client would like to experience luxury from the comfort of a chalet, ski lodge, game reserve or yacht, family-run Mantis offers a private collection of five-star properties to choose from.

Properties around the world include Hayward’s Safaris in Botswana; Mashpi Lodge in the rainforest in Ecuador; and ICEHOTEL in Kiruna, Sweden.

And as not to rest on its laurels, Mantis plans to start construction on a new five-star hotel on Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean at the end of this year. The hotel will be set within Ladder Hill Fort following the fort’s restoration, it will feature 45 rooms, a restaurant, a spa and fitness facilities. In addition to opening the hotel in 2015, Mantis will be involved in the local community and nature of the island as well with conservation work and plans to train the community.

“Saint Helena is unique—the waters that surround it, the forest, the potential for the hospitality industry—and I am hugely excited for our brand to be involved in this major tourism development for the island,” says Mantis founder and chairman Adrian Gardiner. “The Mantis philosophy is unearthing the exceptional, and Saint Helena is no doubt one of the exceptional.”

If your client would rather be in the midst of a colony of 6,000 emperor penguins and their chicks, Mantis also has an option to explore Antarctica at its new eco-lodge White Desert. The property features seven heated pods—six of which are en-suite bedrooms—with two single beds, a wash area, toilet and writing desk, while there is another tent with full showering facilities.

“It’s been a challenge setting up the new camp, but the fiberglass pods really take it to a whole new level,” says Patrick Woodhead, managing director of White Desert. “With views over a frozen lake and a 200-ft. icefall, it’s got to be the best view in the world to wake up to.”

At White Desert, a Cape Town chef whips up meals three times a day, and scientists often come by the camp to talk about their research. Your clients can choose from a variety of activities, such as a picnic over the ice cliff or flying out to the ice barrier on the edge of Dronning Maud Land to see the icebergs. White Desert also offers 8-day safaris. Call for rates.

Meanwhile, Treehotel in Harads, Sweden has added a new room to the property, which is the largest tree room in the world. The Five Leaf Clover weighs 20 tons and is attached to six different pine trees. The room features three bedrooms with six beds in total, as well as conference facilities for up to 12 people.

The Treehotel is set in the forest and offers views of the Lule River valley; a tree sauna with a hot tub and relaxation area; and year-round activities from a highland cattle safari to ice fishing. Call for rates.

Mantis pays agents 10 percent commission. For more information, visit