Virtuoso’s Fall Travel Trends

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Virtuoso's prediction for top Fall 2015 destination is Italy.
Virtuoso’s prediction for the top Fall 2015 travel destination is Italy.

During the 27th annual Virtuoso Travel Week, Virtuoso’s chairman and CEO Matthew D. Upchurch addressed a room of travel professionals—a record-breaking 4,842 travel professionals attended the event—about the agency’s network and its benefit to clients saying, “True sales is no longer about being the custodian of information. It’s about helping clients find clarity amongst the flood of information online.”

He stressed the importance of agents’ roles stating, “You can’t take the human out of humanity. As technology continues to spread into every facet of life, there is a desire—even a craving—for real human connection.”

During the event, Virtuoso revealed its “Top 10 and Hot 10 lists for fall travel,” citing the season as a “great time to travel” since it arrives as summer vacation ends and business travel slows down. During this off-peak season, clients benefit from cheaper airline flights and other travel incentives. Virtuoso’s top 10 picks for the most sought-after locations are as follows:

The Virtuoso Top 10:

  1.      Italy
  2.      Mexico
  3.      United Kingdom
  4.      South Africa
  5.      Australia
  6.      New Zealand
  7.      France
  8.      China
  9.      Germany
  10.      Canada

As far as which locations Virtuoso predicts seasoned travelers will return to and those seeing the biggest jump in year-over-year bookings, a Southeast Asia destination tops the list.

The Virtuoso Hot 10:

  1.      Vietnam 
  2.      India 
  3.      French Polynesia
  4.      Spain
  5.      Argentina 
  6.      Canada
  7.      U.S. Virgin Islands 
  8.      Peru 
  9.      Costa Rica
  10.      Netherlands 

According to Virtuoso, the luxury yacht cruising, expedition cruising, and traditional ocean cruising industries all reported growth over the past year with their clients specifically looking for highly personalized vacations. For more information, visit