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Multi-generational vacations, bucket-list destinations and unique experiences are top sellers this summer within the luxury market, according to a recent poll taken by travel advisors affiliated with Global Travel Collection (GTC)

Now that travel is back on the agenda, clients looking to book luxury getaways are willing to pay more for options such as upgraded accommodations to get what they want. “More people want to travel in the best way possible, better than they have in the past,” said Michelle Summerville with In The Know Experiences, in a press release. The increased demand for travel is reflected in increased prices and stiff competition for flights and hotels.  

Travelers looking to make up for lost time with their loved ones are driving up the demand for multi-generational vacations. “I’m doing multiple multigenerational trips—grandparents not wanting to miss any more time and taking their family on an unforgettable trip of two to three weeks,” said Diana Castillo from Protravel International. This desire to bring one’s extended family on holiday is reaffirmed by Recommend’s own findings, released in its 2022 Family Travel Trends Report. “We saw, during the pandemic, how precious time is and how fleeting it is,” said advisor Lindsey Holmes, owner of Kingdom Destinations, LLC, in the report. “Traveling with loved ones has allowed for memories that become cherished.”

Advisors in the luxury market are also seeing clients book multiple trips to their dream locations, including the Maldives, the Amalfi Coast, Hawaii and Australia. “Bucket lists are becoming to-do lists,” said Shayna Mizrahi from In The Know Experiences. 

Beach holidays and European destinations continue to be popular with travelers this summer, with the U.K. holding onto to its title as the top international destination booked by GTC advisors for the fifth year in a row. Other European hotspots include Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Ireland and Portugal. Popular destinations outside of Europe include Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and the Dominican Republic.

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