Geared for Teens

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geared for teens
A group tour exploring Alaska with Austin Adventures. (Photo courtesy of Austin Adventures.)

Austin Adventures recently announced its lineup of 2020 trips geared for teens—Teen Departures. Family trips with a higher minimum age, these scheduled group trips allow families with young adults (who don’t quite meet the minimum age of 16+ for an adult trip) to travel together, so teens can explore shared interests, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Kasey Austin, newly promoted president and long-time guide for Austin Adventures states, “My favorite part of these Teen Departures is seeing teens disconnect from their phones for the week (service really isn’t great in the national parks) and witnessing the reconnection between family members sans technology. Is there really a better way of rekindling relationships than a chat on a backcountry trail or a lively conversation over dinner?”

While Austin Adventures’ family trips are open to all children aged 7+, Teen Departures offer a quicker pace than that of family trips with younger children, and the activities and difficulty levels are geared towards this older age group.

geared for teens
Exploring the Alaska Fjords. (Photo courtesy of Austin Adventures.)

Scheduled 2020 Teen Departures are:
San Juan Islands from 6/14-19 (Ages 13+)—Kayak the beautiful calm waters of San Juan Island and trek to Mount Constitution, the highest point on the islands, for a breathtaking view.

Yellowstone from 7/19-24 (Ages 13+)—From the zip-lining to the whitewater rafting, and the hiking to the horseback riding, this is an action-packed family adventure.

Alaska from 7/19-24 (Ages 16+)—Perfect for families with older teens, as they take in the natural beauty and opportunities for adventure.

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