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Do you have clients who are interested in scuba diving with kids? Many people believe that only older teens and adults can scuba dive but that’s simply not true. There is a company that specializes in teaching kids to dive and parents who are looking to participate in a diving vacation are able to dive with their kids as young as 10 years old.

Like many adventure sports, you’ll need a waiver in order to have your kids participate. I recommend having your clients get the required medical forms signed before you book the trip because there are some children that may not be a good fit for this type of excursion, especially those with asthma. It may just be a case of needing a little testing before the trip, so checking in with your doctor before you book can save a lot of time and headache.

Experiencing the underwater world. (Photo courtesy of Kids Sea Camp.)

Pick a destination with a decompression chamber nearby; I do not recommend the islands where a clinic or decompression chamber is a flight away, especially if it’s the first family dive experience. It’s not that most divers are likely to need it but if someone does need it, it’s better to have it close by. One place that I highly recommend is Cobalt Coast Dive Resort. The staff is very knowledgeable and amazing with the kids. The Kids Sea Camp program is great for younger children and the staff takes care of the kids all day from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. so that the parents are free to dive on their own.

There is also a company that specializes in certifying children for scuba diving called Kids Sea Camp—they even work with children with special needs. If you give them enough notice, they can accommodate most special needs, which is amazing because the options for travelling with a special needs family member can be pretty slim, and often they can’t participate in the same activities as their siblings. Kids Sea Camp has certified over 7,000 kids!

The great thing about Kids Sea Camp is it’s geared for kids to not only learn how to dive and snorkel, but the camp also functions as a kids camp program so that the adults can have alone time on vacation, too—genius!

For a family with kids of varying ages, younger siblings can participate whether that’s through the Bubblemaker program or just learning to snorkel with the camp. Sometimes it can be difficult to find something that everyone can do together; where the parents can have fun (and not always be with the kids) and that still feels like a vacation. The Kids Sea Camp option is a kids camp program where the parents can also participate, or for those parents who already know how to dive, they can go out on their own dive. The Kids Sea Camp also offers Scuba Tune-Up courses that parents can take if it’s been awhile since their last scuba adventure.

Claire with her daughter and husband enjoying a dive together. (Photo courtesy of Kids Sea Camp.)

Your clients will love being able to share the wonders of the undersea world with their children and still have some alone time with their spouses. Everyone will come home with amazing memories and new skills. It’s truly a great family vacation for those who want a little more action than what can be found at most resorts.

All PADI certified programs have to follow rigorous safety protocols and my daughter Margo herself has received many awards. She has hand-picked her team of PADI certified professional dive instructors and PADI resorts to give families the best in diver education at some of the best locations in the world.

Whether your clients are new to diving or you just want to go on that epic diving trip with their family, they have lots of destinations and plenty of choices, so check them out at and get your dive on!

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