Eye on the World: Club Med Sandpiper Bay

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This past weekend I headed over to Port Saint Lucie in Florida where I spent a few days at Club Med Sandpiper Bay. This property, located on the St. Lucie River, offers more than a just relaxing escape tanning by the water. While here, guests can participate in group and private lessons from some of the best in golf, volleyball, and tennis. During my 4-day escape, I participated in golf, volleyball, and tennis lessons—complete with training drills and all. I also took a High Intensity Interval (HIIT) fitness class and a yoga class. But don’t think I didn’t squeeze in some time for a little blissful relaxation as well. My treatment at the Club Med Spa by L’Occitane was just what my body needed at the end of the weekend. Though, I felt like I was back at summer camp, I can definitely say I left Club Med Sandpiper Bay with a little more knowledge (and maybe some moves too) in each sport than what I arrived with. For those who are a little more adventurous than I was, the property also offers guests daily trapeze lessons, too.

As for nutrition, though I feasted on the delicious eats at Soleil and the Riverside Grille (not all good for my waistline); I also learned about healthy choices and the importance of hydration for your body during a nutrition talk. Guests can also take part in complimentary nutrition seminars during their stay.

Travel Offers for Your Clients
For your active travelers who are looking for a fitness-filled getaway, Club Med Sandpiper Bay is offering free golf green fees at the resort’s 18-hole course and free group lessons for all levels, now through Oc. 31, 2016. For the summer, free waterski lessons will be available July 1-Aug. 31, 2016, including equipment options such as water ski boats, bi-ski, and mono ski. And for those who want a complete body rejuvenation, the property’s Body & Mind Weeks going on through May 30—which mimic the activities I took part in—focus on the property’s most popular sports and instruction for tennis, golf, volleyball and fitness. Each sport will be emphasized during a dedicated day each week with seminars, cooking lessons, and classes on healthy eating and relaxation, including workshops by Club Med Spa by L’Occitane therapists.