Weddings Away from Home

Chances are, your clients planning destination weddings are Millennials. These “kids” are digital natives. They’ve grown up with technology. They’re also a generation of travelers. Many studied abroad, and possibly lived overseas. Their friends are from all over the globe; and their worlds are increasingly borderless.

How you fit into their universe is key. They’re busy. They want their weddings to be in places that speak volumes about who they are. They know what they want and they want it to happen seamlessly.

Making this happen requires elite travel planning skills, but also an ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. You need to be engaged with them, and have an ongoing dialog. You also have to get their feedback every step of the way and answer their questions within 48 hours.

Most importantly in the whole process is to steer clear of what you think they want and listen carefully. Try to meet with both of them (live, if you can) and understand not only what each of them wants, but what they truly want as a couple for their wedding.

“She gets it,” should be the words they utter to each other when they walk away from that first meeting with you. And from then on, your job is to stay on the beam.

Fail along the way and they’ll simply move on. You are totally replaceable. Thrill them with your resourcefulness and can-do spirit. Make magic happen and you will learn that each newlywed couple is a door into an enormous network. They are huge influencers. Make them feel unique, personalize the relationship, and make them look like superstars, and you will succeed.

Susan Farewell is the owner of Farewell Travels LLC (, a travel design firm based in Westport, CT. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @FarewellTravels.