Oasis Hotels & Resorts Makes Dream Destination Weddings a Reality

Oasis Hotels & Resorts recently launched a new wedding destination concept, O Weddings by Oasis, under the helm of Paloma Flores, Oasis Hotels & Resorts new director of weddings.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts  O Weddings by Oasis.

Mexico is often praised as being one of the top destination wedding locations in the world because of its blissfully romantic destinations, top-notch hospitality and beautiful beaches. Location is key, but as agents you know there are many details between “I do” and the reception that are best left to the professionals. Professionals like those at Oasis Hotels & Resorts.

At the helm of this team of dream makers is Paloma Flores, Oasis Hotels & Resorts director of weddings, who helped launch the brand’s new wedding destination concept, O Weddings by Oasis. O Weddings is focused on creating innovative, quality and elegant weddings through its design, support, and experience, which Flores describes as “different” and “authentic.” Available at four of the brand’s eight properties, including The Pyramid, Luxury at Grand Oasis, Grand Oasis Cancun, Grand Oasis Sens, and Grand Oasis Tulum, O Weddings will take care of your clients, their guests, their stay, and all of the party details to make their dream destination wedding a reality.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts' new Bridal Suite.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts’ new Bridal Suite.

One of the standout features of O Weddings are the unique Bridal Suites available at each property. Flores customized a few guestrooms in each resort with unique touches that speak to the everyday needs of a bride and bridal party such as dress stands, fitting platforms with multiple angle mirrors, and a makeup stand. The Bridal Suite at the Grand Oasis Sens, for example, is so large that it can hold an entire destination wedding from cocktail party to reception.

Oasis Hotels & Resorts' Mayan ceremony takes place at a special wedding location on the beach.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts’ Mayan ceremony takes place at a special wedding location on the beach.

Weddings are oftentimes the happiest, and the most stressful day in a couples’ life, which is why Flores brought in wedding coordinators to help with the execution of guests’ entire stay as opposed to just the wedding itself. A Romance Concierge will also be on hand to ensure couples have a go-to person on site to meet their specific needs. The Romance Concierge provides special attention to the bride and groom during their stay and can also give couples recommendations. “They want the service to be perfect,” says Flores.

In addition to the event planners, O Weddings’ pre-planned packages—O Remember, O Ceremony, O Love, O Eternity, and Mayan—assure guests a stress- and worry-free experience. For example, the O Remember package, priced at $900, features private VIP check-in for the wedding couple, a complimentary room upgrade, VIP amenities and romantic decoration in couple’s room, plus a special wedding location on a terrace or the beach featuring exclusive decor with Oasis’ O Weddings’ special arch and set up, a bridal bouquet and boutonniere with local tropical flowers, a wedding cake, a celebration toast after the ceremony, and a semi-private dinner in a specialty restaurant with an open domestic bar for two hours. Best of all, couples can receive the O Remember package for free with 55 room nights booked.

Couples also have the option to book a traditional Mayan cultural ceremony, where a Mayan priest (shaman) performs the ceremony. The package, priced at $1,175, includes a marriage ceremony with background music of drums and seashells, a party performed in the Mayan language and translated into English, a special wedding location on the beach, exclusive decor with the O Weddings special arch and traditional Mayan altar, plus a special O Weddings surprise present and an Oasis Smart car for the wedding couple during their stay.

Couples can choose from a variety of food and beverage options for their reception including a marimba brunch with traditional Mexican food.
Couples can choose from a variety of food and beverage options for their reception including a marimba brunch with traditional Mexican food.

Aside from its romance offerings, Oasis Hotels & Resorts also stands out for its gastronomic offerings. Couples can choose between different food and beverage options such as a buffet-style meal or marimba brunch with traditional Mexican food for the reception; however, all guests have access to some of the top all-inclusive restaurants in the country, including gastrobars, molecular gastronomy and traditional Mexican cuisine. In fact, Oasis Hotels & Resorts currently has three of the top 20 restaurants in all of Cancun: The Black Hole (#1), The White Box Gastrobar (#2) and Benazuza (#11).

“Our goal is to always have this as the number one destination in the world for destination weddings,” says Flores. For more information, call (800) 446-2747 ext. 815 or visit o-weddings.com.