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Last September, Recommend chatted with Andrea DeMarco, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ chief sales and marketing officer, about the 3-part webinar series they had put together to help travel advisors like you amp up their bottom line. At the time, she noted: “I want to emphasize that these webinars are just the first step in what we envision for this full program that’s going to be a heavyweight investment and support for our valued travel partners.” Still available on demand, that series led the way for this month’s 8-part webinar series titled Marketing Expert Insights Series. 

This time around, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has tapped in-house marketing experts to give you strategies to continue to increase your commissions by using advanced marketing tactics.

The series includes Digital Prospecting, with tips on attracting and converting new clients; Paid Digital Video, where you can learn where to place your videos for the most impact and ROI; Paid Search, with details on this topic plus tips on how to drive more traffic to your site; Paid Social Media, on how to use sponsored posts and ads on social media; Database Optimization & Direct Mail to help you send the right material to your clients; how to send the right message at the right time with Email Marketing; Organic Social Media for tips on how to use the right content to become a social media sensation; and how to get great turnout and brand exposure at your next event with Events.

Each information-packed webinar is only 15 minutes long so it won’t eat up a big chunk of your busy day. The series is live through November 14th but is also available on demand should you miss the premieres. You can watch the entire series one after the other, pick the webinars that speak to you the most or watch one a day.

To register or view on demand, visit