The latest addition to the Celebrity Edge is Eden, a venue that invites groups to “Chill, Play and Sin” in an immersive environment that changes throughout the day.

Eden was created with sensory experience in mind: multi-level architectural design and transformative interiors infused with nature are just part of that idea. Outward-facing spaces purposefully build a greater connection to the sea, and the venue’s three levels are connected by a winding multi-deck pathway, as well as a “Tree of Life” installation. A living Library of Plants is used to garnish handcrafted cocktails. Spontaneous entertainment is provided day and night by Variety Worldwide, which specializes in blending non-traditional theater with nightlife and dining experiences.

A rendering of the Eden Restaurant on board the Celebrity Edge.
A rendering of the Eden Restaurant on board the Celebrity Edge.

 Casual culinary bites are available in the morning from the Eden Cafe, accompanied by globally inspired performances such as sitar players and aerialists who swing through the room. In the afternoon, hands-on culinary enrichment classes such as wine tasting, mixology and cooking classes are available, while creative lighting and atmospheric performances create a nightclub ambiance in the evening.

The Eden Restaurant takes guests on a unique culinary journey that begins at the Eden Bar on the second level. Groups are then led down to the first level where they are seated and served a series of culinary temptations by performance artists called Edenists. At the end of the meal, groups are led back up to the Eden Bar for the crescendo—a mystery grand finale to Eden’s dining experience.

Celebrity Edge makes its inaugural voyage to destinations in the Caribbean in December 2018. For more information, visit