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As the new school year has begun, teachers across the nation will be asking kids “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Travel Experts, one of the leading Host Agencies with a focus on luxury travel, asked their members the same question and got a wide variety of answers from “Worked all summer” to “Escaped to Europe” or “Finally got on a cruise.”

Travel advisors are no different than any other vacationer, except that they usually have been to more places than the average traveler. Here are just a few of the responses to “What did you do on your summer vacation.”

Mallory Shaw, owner of Trouvaille Yacht & Travel, in Nashville, TN, did what many of the Travel Experts advisors did and traveled as much as they could. “I spent three months abroad visiting the Dominican Republic, Belize, Greece, Italy and France where I soaked up all of the sun, culture, and wine,” she said.

Stacy Small, CEO of Elite Traveler International, lives in a vacation destination in Maui, HI, and worked all summer noting: “I helped dozens of people have epic summer vacations here in Hawaii.”

Elaine Carey, a Travel Experts affiliate in Whispering Pines, NC, spent much of her summer vacation “working in the yard. I bought a small chainsaw and went wild cutting a lot of small trees and big brush out.”

Linda de Sosa, Bucketlist Travel Consulting, a Travel Experts member in Houston, TX, had an unusual vacation. “I went to Los Angeles to watch the live shows of America’s Got Talent, which was very exciting.”

Theresa Jackson, Enlightened Journeys Travel, an affiliate of Travel Experts in Allendale NJ said, “This summer I continued the lesson taught by the pandemic lock down and need for social distancing by enjoying outdoor adventures. And I took it on the road to Italy to explore the Dolomites and South Tyrol. Fresh and freedom is so good for the soul.”

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