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Turkish Airlines has implemented two new inflight service changes to protect the health of its guests: Hygiene Experts and Hygiene Kits.

Starting its local flights after a 2-month hiatus and just days away from resuming international flights, Turkish Airlines has announced two new measures to promote safe travel. The airline will be distributing Hygiene Kits, prepared with scientific data in mind, and containing a mask, disinfectant and antiseptic tissue. In addition, Hygiene Expert cabin crews will be appointed to flights to be responsible for the distribution of Hygiene Kits and provide oversight to make sure all necessary precautions are implemented correctly.

Hygiene Experts will also be responsible for lessening the on-board circulation of individuals and making sure cabin crew and passengers adhere to the social distancing rules. They will monitor the mask usage of passengers, while making sure that passengers do not remove their masks all at once during the service of food and beverages. Other duties will include instructing passengers to prevent lines forming during lavatory usage and disinfecting the lavatories. Hygiene and safety checks of the lavatories will also continue to be performed by all cabin crew as well.

“We are working hard on all contact points to ensure a healthy and safe travel experience for our passengers,” said M. Ilker Ayci, Turkish Airlines’ chairman of the board and the executive committee in a press statement. “At Turkish Airlines, we are providing significant services to our passengers with our enhanced guidelines for safe travel that are prepared in accordance with instructions of scientists. Some of the significant new implementations in accordance with these guidelines are our Hygiene Expert cabin crews and Hygiene Kits distributed by them. Responsible solely for all on-board hygiene and enforcement of social distancing measures between our passengers, we believe that our Hygiene Experts will help our passengers to feel more comfortable and relaxed about their travels.”

New Turkish Airlines travel guidelines include the recommendation that passengers complete check-in online via either the Turkish Airlines mobile application or website in order to reduce contact rates. As part of personal health measures, Turkish recommends passengers wear a mask the moment they step out of their home. Since single use surgical masks should be changed every four hours, passengers must bring extra masks and hygienic hand wipes to last the duration of the journey. Used masks should be put into personal waste bag without touching the front surface of the mask.

After each flight, all aircraft contact points including tray tables, armrests, belts, screens, controllers, overhead bins, air vents, reading lamps, side panels, windows, lavatories, partitions, magazine racks, decorative panels and cabinets will be thoroughly disinfected by special teams. The aircraft will be disinfected once again by a two-stage special disinfection procedure called fogging upon their arrival and made ready for their next flight.

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