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Palladium Hotel Group released a brochure today detailing their steps to provide guests a safe and worry-free vacation post the Coronavirus pandemic.

The hotel group is implementing the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization, as well as expert authorities from the six countries where Palladium Hotel Group has hotels.

These guidelines have been certified by external laboratories, and are a result of an exhaustive analysis prepare by a Task Force Team made up of executives and associates of Palladium Hotel Group. To ensure the compliance, the company has created the Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience & Safety Council, who will review the processes in place, and update all operating procedures and manuals.

Palladium Hotel Group is raising their standards in safety, quality, health, and hygiene by incorporating these standards of protocol.

The steps to keep guests safe include:


  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting—reinforcing the cleaning and disinfection process of all hotel spaces including bedroom, common areas, meeting and event spaces, staff works areas, transportation vehicles, objects of common use, and items that arrive from the outside such as luggage.
  • Hand sanitizers and dispensers throughout various areas and inside the guestrooms
  • Temperature checks—infrared thermometers will be used on employees, suppliers, and guests at entrance areas and closed spaces such as restaurants, gyms, spas, and children’s areas
  • Use of masks, gloves, and disposable paper items—mandatory for staff from different departments and will be provided in guestrooms
  • Single-use products will be used to minimize contact and establish protection systems at reception and counters
  • Medical services will be expanded

Social Distancing & Capacity Control

  • Social distance of guests and partners within the entire hotel complex will be maintained
  • Distance of at least 6.5 ft. will be maintained between family unites and a density of one person per 26.9 sq.-ft.
  • Distance will be monitored in areas of greater concentration of guests such as restaurants, front desk area, pools, and beach areas. The distance between hammocks, restaurant chairs, and tables will be increased and marks will be places indicating space to be kept.
  • Reservations encouraged—restaurants, gym, children area and water area will be needed

Restaurants and Food & Beverage

  • All operation procedures and quality manuals are being reviewed and adapted for the highest standards of food safety
  • Guests are encouraged to make dining reservations in advance
  • A maximum number of people in bars and restaurants will be established, as well as an appointment system for access to these areas. Guests will be escorted to their tables that will be previously set up with fully disinfected tableware, cutlery, glassware, and napkins.
  • Service will be adapted to the new reality. Individual portions will now be prioritized. The consumption of single-use packaging and the services of drinks at the table will continue. A la carte service and personalized show cooking will be promoted, and room service will be strengthened as an alternative.

Innovation & Technology

  • An “ozone and mist disinfection system” will be implemented to purify the air
  • Encourage the use of technology at check-in and check-out
  • Promote the u se of digital information via hotel applications such as the hotel information, web portal, and TV, in a way that will eventually eliminate all unessential in-room stationary, printed menus, and brochures.
  • Through these channels, guests will be able to make reservations for access to the restaurant and bar menus, and receive updated information on available services, and of hygiene and cleaning protocol. Guests will also be able to use the app to make real-time queries via a chat feature
  • Looking into providing allergen-free purified rooms

Best Practices & Training

Information will be shared through various channels and platforms at each hotel to communicate awareness and best practices messages, inform guess of all measures being carried out.

Providing all partners with necessary protective equipment and offering training.

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