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California is in a state of emergency as declared by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday as the Kincade fire continues spreading across Sonoma County, and numerous other fires have flared up. The fire has destroyed 94 structures, damaged 17, and threatens about 80,000 others. The fire is being driven by windy conditions.

In relation to the fires, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has expanded its power outages across Northern California to nearly 1 million customers. Power is being shut off with the hope of avoiding fires sparked by electric lines.

The Sonoma County Airport (STS) is currently closed, and all flights are canceled. Additional information can be garnered from individual carriers or on the airport’s website that can be accessed here.

There are 16 active fires that have burned over 94,000 acres across California this fall. These wildfires include:

  • Getty: 500 acres burned
  • Burris: 350 acres burned, 20% contained
  • Sky: 150 acres burned, 90% contained
  • Sawday: 97 acres burned, 98% contained
  • Tick: 4,615 acres burned, 70% contained
  • Old Water: 145 acres burned, 45% contained
  • Kincade: 66,231 acres burned, 5% contained
  • Caples: 3,434 acres burned, 87% contained
  • Saddle Ridge: 8,799 acres, 97% contained
  • Taboose: 10,296 acres burned, 75% contained

In Los Angeles County, there are currently two active fires: The Tick Fire, which is 78 percent contained, and impacts residents in the city of Santa Clarita, and the Getty Fire, which began on the morning of Oct. 28 and is still developing.

For more information, Sonoma County Tourism can be accessed by clicking here; Visit California here; and Discover Los Angeles here.