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Aruba has added another COVID-19 testing option for travelers heading to the island: JetBlue’s at-home test. The supervised at-home test facilitated by Vault’s platform is the first and only saliva-based test accepted for entry of JetBlue customers by Aruban authorities.

The simple saliva test is administered via online video connection facilitated by Vault, with a test supervisor who helps ensure the customer is providing their sample properly. The sample is then overnighted to a laboratory for processing within 72 hours. In addition to priority support, Vault has created a dedicated landing page for JetBlue customers with current travel scheduled to Aruba, located at

The decision by Aruba to begin accepting the convenient PCR test facilitated by Vault’s technology platform for JetBlue customers arriving on the island was made after assessing the supervised testing process. It also comes as a result of the airline’s initiative to work with destination regions to promote safer travel with easy testing.

Additionally, as of Nov. 1, 2020, the classification of U.S. “hot spot” states are no longer in effect. Residents of all 50 states will now have the option to take a PCR test upon arrival at the airport in Aruba as well as the option to provide a negative test result prior to travel. And Aruba’s visitor insurance has gone down to a flat premium of just $30 for travelers ages 15+ and a flat premium of $10 for visitors ages 0-14. For more information on the insurance, visit

For more information, visit