Apple Leisure Group Vacations has launched ALGV360, an online portal designed to enhance and streamline travel advisors’ marketing, advertising, and social media engagement. The customizable content found on ALGV360 can help travel advisors with advertising with a few simple clicks. Advisors can include their own logos and call to action on promotional materials featuring Apple Leisure Group Vacations destinations, hotel partners, and brand-specific sales and promotions.

The web-based marketing platform is accessible from any location with internet access, including mobile devices, enabling travel advisors to work from home or any of the destinations within Apple Leisure Group Vacations’ collective brand portfolios. Advanced search filters and other user-friendly features help agents work more efficiently and more profitably.

“ALGV360 is a treasure trove of content which ties into brand-specific sales and promotions that can be used to create engaging social media posts, customized flyers, banner ads, email, and more. It covers everything from digital marketing to print and radio advertising. The platform makes it easy to create customized content and materials that appear polished and professional. Plus, it is web-based, so travel advisors can access it from anywhere including their mobile devices,” says Wendy Hoekwater, senior vice president, marketing, Apple Leisure Group Vacations.

 ALGV360 is the evolution of various marketing customization tools offered by several Apple Leisure Group Vacations brands, she explains. “It is essentially a tool created for our travel advisors with input from them. This took time to build as we consolidated three tools into a powerful one-stop-shop for all things marketing. The resulting program puts an abundance of content, including thousands of images designed to inspire clients’ vacation imaginations at agents’ fingertips, and it can be deployed in as little as 30 seconds,” she says.

ALGV360 spans the product portfolios of all of Apple Leisure Group Vacations’ brands, and it also ties into sales and promotions offered by each brand. “Travel advisors will find this comprehensive, all-in-one platform an indispensable tool that may replace their entire marketing arsenal. I hesitate to call it an end product as we will continue to populate it with more useful content, delivery tools, and customization options so that the portal develops and grows with travel advisors’ evolving needs,” adds Hoekwater.

Why now? Throughout the last decade, agents have had to work harder just to maintain productivity. And when they become proficient on one social media channel, the focus shifts to a new one and they have to start all over. The community needed a portal that can help agents save time, save money, drive sales, and express their expertise across multiple channels. Our unprecedented investment in travel agent technology today makes a comprehensive all-in-one solution like ALGV360 finally possible. It’s a multi-faceted instrument of advertising and marketing that allows agents to churn out dynamic content that appears professional and strikes an emotional chord with clients at a time when agents need to up their marketing game while streamlining the process,” describes Hoekwater.

One of the guiding principles behind the development of ALGV360 was functionality across a broad spectrum of users with varying skill levels. “We needed a simple set of tools for the novice user who may be less proficient in social media overall. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that our most savvy and tech-oriented agents will benefit from feature-rich tools to unlock their digital marketing strategies and maximize client engagement. We took steps to remove barriers so travel advisors can administer successful campaigns from day one and grow from there as they gain knowledge and expertise,” adds Hoekwater.

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