7 Tips for Travel Advisors Working From Home

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Reality is starting to set in for many that the work from home scenario might be for more than just a few weeks. Many of you might be working from unconventional spaces and trying to get used to this new normal. While others, have been pros at working from home for years. So, we reached out to those advisors for their tips on working from home in hopes they can shed light on how to make this new normal a little better and help you as you navigate your new situations.

Here are 7 tips from travel advisors on working from home:

1. Do Set a Routine

Set a routine just like you would at the office.

“Definitely incorporate a routine everyday to not get into a slump,” says Deaidra Pernell, franchise owner for Cruise Planners, “Take breaks, walk outside for lunch, and stretch. Enjoy the luxury of being home.”

2. Do Give Yourself a Dedicated Space & Time

Give yourself a designated work space.

Set aside a dedicated space for your office and set your hours that you are available and be there,” says Lori Tedrick, travel advisor with Transat Travel, Agent at Home. “If you are not busy during that time frame, then focus that time on online education opportunities.”

3. Don’t be Lazy

Take this time to sign up for webinars and other education opportunities. (Photo credit: Emma Matthews.)

Just because your bookings might have slowed down for the moment, it doesn’t mean you should take time off. “Don’t get lazy,” says Yvonne Marie of Bucket List Travel Company. “Do the trainings and find your niche.”

4. Do Take Breaks

Remember to give yourself breaks—taking a walk or zoning out to music for a few minutes—it all helps.

Don’t let yourself fall into a vortex that’s all about work. Give your brain a rest, too. “Don’t forget to get up and take walks,” says travel advisor Laura Clark, “even if it’s just around your house.”

5. Don’t Stay in Your Jammies

Don’t stay in your PJs all day, change to let your brain get the signal that it’s time to work. (Photo credit: Anastasiia Chepinska.)

Working from home doesn’t have to equal working in your PJs all day. Changing your outfit gives your brain the signal that you’re starting a new task, even if that outfit is leggings our loungewear. “Don’t work in your PJ’s,” adds folashade Otuyelu of Boundless Travel. “Get up and shower and dress in other clothing even if just sweats. It puts you in a different frame of mind.”

6. Do Create a Daily Plan

Create daily schedule and list out your tasks to help you stay on track. (Photo credit: Emma Matthews.)

“Create a daily plan/list and place it in a visible spot in your home office space,” says a travel advisor with Honeymoons & Beyond. “Check off each item as you complete the task. You will have a sense of accomplishment as you work on your list throughout the day and see those check marks adding up.” Donna Greenspan of Travel Quest Travel agrees, “Try to keep a schedule. Make lists. These days of constant cancellations you have to keep track.”

7. Do Enjoy the Freedom of Working From Home

Enjoy the work from home perks—whether it’s shutting down to spend time with family or enjoying a glass of wine while you work at the end of the day.

“Take the opportunity of not having many interruptions,” says travel advisor Lily Inspira. “Focus on priorities and you will have more time for personal enjoyment.”

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