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This is a tumultuous time to be a travel advisor. Change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the only constant.

TripIt, a trip organizer and flight tracker app from Concur, can help. This free website offers a comprehensive list of the links to public health and safety advisories you will need when planning trips for your clients.

Public health and safety advisories from the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, the U.S. State Department, International Civic Aviation Organization, Transportation Security Administration, IATA, are included on the site.

How are travel providers handling cancellations, refunds, and credits due to COVID-19? That information is found here as well. What health and safety protocols are in place? That is here too as well as contact information for foreign embassies and consulates.

A useful part of the site is called Neighborhood Safety Scores and it contains health and safety risk information of various destinations based on a score that factors in COVID-19 stats.

Another helpful section reports on loyalty travel plans and how points and miles will be impacted by this pause.

To access TripIt’s Traveler Resource Center, click here.

For more updates on new protocols, visit Recommend’s Safe Travels page. Stories about future travel can be accessed at #AmazingDaysAhead.