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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the place to go for those looking to raise their heart rate in the most exciting way possible: Say hello to the new Serengeti Flyer, a ride of pure superlatives that will have your clients literally screaming for more.

“Thrills are in full swing at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with yet another exciting record-setting ride for our guests to enjoy,” said Neal Thurman, park president of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, in a press statement. “As the world’s tallest and fastest ride of its kind, Serengeti Flyer joins a world-class portfolio of attractions, offering breathtaking views of the park and a one-of-a-kind experience for all our guests.”

Words probably fall short of describing the experience, but here’s a try: Busch Gardens’ Serengeti Flyer has twin dueling arms that go higher the further in you get on the ride, reaching speeds of 68 mph and a maximum height of 135 feet at the ride’s peak with multiple negative-G moments thrown in for good measure. If this has your hair standing on end, that’s the entire point of the exercise, although the creators have allowed adjustments to the intensity level, so your thrill-seekers can opt for a “milder or wilder” experience. The ride takes 40 people at a time, seated back-to-back in rows of 10 across two gondolas.

Deals to Enjoy the New Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Ride

While one-off tickets are available, there’s always a better—and more cost-effective way. Busch Gardens is banking on your clients wanting to return for more, so they’ve ensured their Annual Pass makes sense. It’s categorized into tiers with options that give your clients unlimited year-round admissions and perky extras like free parking, monthly rewards and in-park discounts.

In addition, they can also hop on the buy-one-get-one Fun Card offer—if your clients purchase a Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Fun Card, they’ll get the Adventure Island Fun Card free for a limited time.

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