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SeaDream Yacht Club is headed back to Scandinavia and Northern Europe in the summer of 2025, returning to the channels and quaint fjord villages beloved of luxury travelers. The luxurious SeaDream II mega-yacht will take 14 trips there from May through August 2025, calling on 46 ports on 7- to 11-day itineraries.

Your clients will be able to make the most of the north’s long summer days and midnight sun in some of the most Insta-friendly landscapes on earth. The ship will include late-night and midnight departures on all their itineraries to give them time to roam and wonder. Note: The summer 2025 season is now on sale.

“SeaDream Yacht Club is Norwegian-family owned and operated, and Norway and Northern Europe is our backyard,” said Atle Brynestad, Founder, owner & chairman of SeaDream Yacht Club, in a press statement. “We have selected some of the most breathtaking and fascinating destinations throughout the region. Guests will enjoy one-to-one, personalized service on our yachts and sail through small channels and narrow waterways that larger vessels cannot enter for a distinctive yachting experience.”

SeaDream II Itinerary Details

First on SeaDream II’s new season is a 10-night trip departing May 5, 2025, from Lisbon, Portugal, to Bordeaux, France, with late evenings in port and overnight stays in Bilbao, Spain and Bordeaux. This is followed by a 7-night itinerary departing May 15th that will take travelers up the Thames River to London, where it will overnight next to Tower Bridge.

There are four voyages to choose from, with 10-night itineraries in June and 7-night itineraries in July that will take them along the fjords of Norway with stops at picturesque villages along the way. Because of the ship’s small size, they will be able to stop in off-the-beaten-path destinations, plus they will overnight in Reine, Lofoten Islands, where the midnight sun is on full display.

There are an additional six adventures aboard the SeaDream II to Northern European and Baltic destinations in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Two of these voyages also transit the Kiel Canal and finish with two nights docked in the heart of Bordeaux, France, for a chance to explore the city and surroundings. Also included is a July 11th roundtrip from Stockholm itinerary and an 11-night itinerary through Spain and Portugal, the last voyage for the season.

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