In summer 2020, Sea Cloud Cruises’ third tall ship, Sea Cloud Spirit, will be taking to the seas. Just this week she passed her first round of sea worthiness tests. “Since the tests were successful and the shipyard is running on time, the new ship’s maiden voyage is on track for Aug. 29, 2020,” said CEO Daniel Schaefer in a statement.

The 453-sq.-ft., 3-masted sailing ship can accommodate up to 136 guests and, like its two sister ships—Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II—occupies a special niche within the expanding cruise market, offering a casual elegance sailing experience.

The Sea Cloud Spirit is designed as a 3-masted, fully rigged ship, with around 13,500 sq. ft. of sail area, and since sailing is not possible all the time, the newly built ship is equipped with two diesel-electric drives. For Sea Cloud Cruises, it was a natural choice to operate all ships with low-sulphur marine diesel from the outset. “The use of heavy oil was never an option for us. We offer a sustainable experience that works in harmony with nature and the people whose countries we visit,” Schaefer said.

Upon completion, the Sea Cloud Spirit will offer guests plenty of outdoor space, an exclusive wellness and spa concept, with an elegant interior design in the style of a classic yacht. Out of the 69 outer cabins, 25 will have their own balconies and for the first time ever on a sailing ship, the Sea Cloud Spirit will also feature an elevator connecting the various decks.

In order to enhance the guests’ culinary experience, guests on the Sea Cloud Spirit will have the choice between fine dining in the restaurant and a casual dining experience on the lido deck. Like her sister vessels, the food concept focuses on local fresh food and wine.

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