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The travel landscape has changed drastically, creating an entirely different mountain experience this ski season. To ensure a safe winter on the slopes, Viceroy Snowmass is debuting a handful of new offerings aimed specifically at accommodating the uniqueness of a ski season happening during a pandemic. Here’s a preview for what to expect:

  • Grab-N-Go Viceroy “Gold Bag Lunches”: While some traditional on-mountain dining services and lodges will still be open, it will likely be with reduced capacity and often by reservation only. In anticipation of this new scenario, Viceroy Snowmass is offering guests a playful new way to dine: gourmet grab-n-go. Viceroy Snowmass is bringing back the nostalgia of old-school brown bag lunches but with a luxurious spin—skiers can pre-order from a special gold-bag lunch menu that will feature fresh, packaged lunches prepared by the hotel’s culinary team and simply grab & go at their desired time to enjoy on the slopes. Each meal will easily store in skier’s jacket pocket, perfect for a true on-the-go bite allowing for more time on the snow.
  • Viceroy Snowmass Offers Backcountry Experience: In response to an expected interest in backcountry, Viceroy Snowmass has partnered with a local guiding company to offer an Uphill Thrills experience, where guests can book a skiing excursion to some of Aspen’s most isolated and unique skiable terrain.
  • Viceroy’s Ultra-Luxe No Contact/No Touch Vacation: For the jet-set class who wants to social distance in opulent fashion, the hotel is offering an ultra-luxe No-Contact, No-Touch vacation option. The experience begins with end-to-end private jet transportation and is followed by private luxury car pickup at the airport, which will include an on-the-spot check-in process so guests can avoid the concierge desk altogether. Once on-property, guests have the option to pre-schedule room service from any of the onsite restaurants, including après-snacks and cocktails. In a twist to the typical ski-vacation, guests who book the package will have access to the hotel’s aforementioned Uphill Thrills offering. Lastly, any online shopping done at local Snowmass shops will have the option to be delivered to the room, so guests do not have to venture out into town to pick their items up.

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