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When a resort has “wellness” as its middle name, you know it’s more than just a catchphrase: say hello to the beachfront Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, where your clients will be treated to 360º of well-being. In addition to traditional therapies at the resort’s 70,000 sq ft spa and wellness facility (literally the largest on the Eastern Seaboard), this is where they can also indulge in a variety of new, cutting-edge “touchless treatments.”

“Achieving holistic wellbeing is a priority for many people, and our new touchless treatments offer therapeutic healing for the body, mind and soul beyond what can be accomplished through traditional modalities alone,” said Tammy Pahel, v.p. of spa & wellness operations, in a press statement. “While touchless technologies will never fully replace the hands-on therapies we know and love,  they are an efficient and effective method of treatment for clients seeking maximum results in limited time.”

These new offerings can be booked as a single session or a series—for clients wanting their Miami trip to include the ultimate indulgence, Pahel suggests packaging the treatments together with more traditional spa menu items into what she calls “circuit” experiences.

The six new touchless treatments include MindSpa by Synctuition, which includes a booth with a zero-gravity chair, handcrafted ceiling lights and total silence, among other details, to help clear the mind; the BioCharger NG that helps accelerate muscle recovery and enhance focus, among other things; the Wellsystem Wave Massage that uses dry water massage to relieve tension; the Indiba Deep Beauty device for body countouring, skin health and more; the Visbody scanner for insights into the status of the client’s physical health; and the Visionbody Powersuit, for electro muscle stimulation to strengthen, tone and firm muscles.

The “Luxury of Wellness” at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

In addition to its enormous spa and wellness facility, the boutique Carillon Miami Wellness Resort—true to its mantra of offering the “luxury of wellness”—offers your clients a unique Thermal Experience and a medical wellness division, an Advanced Holistic Center, the biostation at Carillon Miami and more, with personalized health retreats on tap.

The resort itself has 150 large 1- and 2-bedroom luxury apartments that go up to 1,200 sq. ft. in size, and plenty of activities to keep your clients busy and active inside and out, including a two-story indoor rock wall, the Cabana Pool by the beach and an adult-only saltwater pool on the rooftop. F&B is equally as elevated and healthy, with several upscale eateries, including an on-site restaurant serving modern classic French cuisine with an Asian twist created together with Michelin-starred Chef Tristan Brandt.

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