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Visitors of The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia can get a taste of a tense time period in American history with a tour of a once top-secret government bunker built directly beneath the property during the Cold War.

Built as part of a larger project called the “Continuity of Government,” the Cold War Bunker at Greenbrier was meant to be used as a U.S. government relocation facility in the event of a national emergency or nuclear war. The bunker had 153 rooms and could accommodate up to 1,100 people including all members of Congress, plus staff to keep the bunker fully operational.

Kept a secret until 1992 when a Washington Post story exposed the location and purpose of the facility, The Cold War Bunker is now open to the public for daily tours.

Tour rates start at $34 per adult and $17 per child between 10- and 17-years-old. For more information, visit