VisitBritain Turns Up the Sound in New Campaign

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Following in the footsteps of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ first trip to the U.S., VisitBritain recently launched a new kind of British music invasion featuring BRIT Award-nominated band, Rudimental, to inspire clients to choose Britain as their next vacation destination.

Œ”Sounds of GREAT Britain” is a global brand film campaign that boasts both interactive online and TV advertisement components that will gradually launch across key markets including USA, Brazil, China, India and Europe. This campaign is part of a larger initiative to capitalize on the legacy and success of the London 2012 Olympics.

The digital version of the advert allows clients to create their personalized ad and itinerary of GREAT Britain destinations. Having completed their edit, they are taken to find out more about their chosen itinerary on VisitBritain’s LoveWall and are able to share with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The advert’s soundtrack, Feel the Love, pieces the audio experience together. Traditional British sounds and activities are set against Rudimental’s hit soundtrack representing a modern, contemporary Britain.

Classic sounds like the pouring of a cup of tea, a black cab beeping and the chimes of Big Ben are contrasted against sounds like the eruption of a Wimbledon tennis crowd, the drum beats at Lovebox music festival, and the whistling of a Dartmouth steam train to inspire the world to choose Britain.

Some of the locations and attractions used in the advert include:

Stonehenge – When visitors arrive at the stones they will be able to explore the surroundings of the monument including the Avenue, Stonehenge’s ancient processional approach, guided by new interpretation panels. A new 360-degree virtual experience also allows clients to Œstand in the stones before entering a gallery depicting the facts and theories surrounding the monument, plus nearly 300 prehistoric artifacts.

Shakespeare’s Globe – All the world’s a stage according to William Shakespeare, and never is this more pertinent as we celebrate the 450th anniversary of his birth this year throughout Britain.

Caerphilly Castle – The largest castle in Wales is as much of a town icon as the cheese that also bears its name. The tower out leans the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is also a great backdrop for TV and film!

Gleneagles – One of Scotland’s finest five-star resorts, Gleneagles is a luxury destination in itself ­with its very own train station on the main London to Inverness line (around five hours from London). Guests can enjoy a diverse array of activities—horse-riding, polo, archery, falconry and off-road driving; or sample its tennis courts, pool, gym, croquet and spa before checking out two Michelin-starred restaurants at the resort.

Click here to see the advert in full and visit here to create your own ŒSounds of GREAT Britain itinerary.