The Swanky W Fort Lauderdale

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The W Fort Lauderdale guestroom isn't for the shy at heart with the bedroom looking into the shower through the glass wall.
The W Fort Lauderdale guestroom isn’t for the shy at heart with the bedroom looking into the shower through the glass wall.

Recommend recently visited the W Fort Lauderdale for a weekend filled with delicious cuisine, dancing,  yoga, and spa and pool time.

Upon entering the W Fort Lauderdale and taking in its sleek design, dark grey walls, and modern accents, one instantly feels like they’ve arrived where the “cool kids” hang out. The guestrooms have the same sleek, modern feel to them and are definitely not a place for the shy or modest, as the bathrooms have a glass wall surrounding the tub, making it easy to create some romance with an adult game of peek-a-boo for those who might be on a romantic getaway. For those traveling with friends, or children, a quick call to the concierge will get you a curtain to cover the glass wall. However, if you’re traveling alone, you can easily watch TV or soak in the ocean views while in the shower.

Dining at Steak 954 keeps the sexy vibe going, with a wall of jellyfish as the main focus of the dining room. Don’t let the name fool you—they serve much more than meat options. Their seafood dishes, oysters, truffle mac and cheese, and fries are all to die for. We can go on and on about the tastings we savored—not one of them was something we wouldn’t consider diving into again. After way more food than we were able to handle, and cocktails, too (oh those cocktails—each one we tasted was more unique and tasty than the other!), we headed to the Living Room for some music and fun for the New/Next event. The W Fort Lauderdale is part of a new initiative for Fort Lauderdale—Friday Night Sound Waves—where seven local bars and restaurants offer music and $5 valet every Friday night.

The next morning, we headed to the beach not to sunbathe or swim, but for a yoga session. For active guests, the W offers complimentary, daily beachside bootcamp and yoga. For this yogi novice practicing downward dog while keeping a balance on the sand was no easy task. Those calories we consumed the night before were definitely worked off. After earning some downtime, we whisked off to the Bliss Spa where we were pampered to full relaxation. Our spa therapist, Jordan, knew just where to focus on, working on areas that needed more work and tailoring the treatment to our needs and not just following protocol. Definitely recommend clients schedule in some time to unwind at Bliss. The spa, decor is on par kept with the simplistic, modern feel of the rest of the hotel.

The pool at the W Fort Lauderdale.
The pool at the W Fort Lauderdale.

Finally, it was time to take in the pool. The staircase alone to get to the pool is picture-worthy, and something guests will be posting all over social media. The stairs take you through the pool, as you walk through the middle of the encased pool watching feet, splashing as they swim, or couples hanging out. The cabanas are large and many were decorated for bachelorette or birthday celebrations. If your clients are looking for a place to unwind and party, this is it. Though there were a handful of children at the pool, this is definitely more of a place to see and be seen. The music is lively but not obnoxious, the food is delicious (recommend clients try the fish tacos, they won’t regret it), and the views of the ocean (and people) are both relaxing and entertaining.

For clients who have a later flight, tell them not to worry about their check-out time. They can still enjoy the property, then shower and change before heading to the airport at the hotel’s Hospitality Room, which is basically a guestroom they can reserve for 30 minutes. They are very clean, as housekeeping takes care of them after each guest. Just remind them to request one at check-out to make sure their room is reserved. There are plenty, as they have a few rooms reserved as Hospitality Rooms. And while we’re talking about check-out, the hotel provides guests with rum punch while they’re waiting to check-in or check-out.

To take in the VIP treatment like Recommend did, the W Fort Lauderdale is now offering the Vacation Like a VIP package, which includes $100 resort credit to indulge as clients wish; complimentary valet parking; $25 American Express Gift Card; a super summer savings 2-for-1 card; and a room upgrade to the next available room type. Offer runs through Sept. 30 with a 2-night minimum stay required; rates start at $262 per night. Use promo code VACVIP. For more information, call (877) 822-0000 or visit