Onsite Review: An Athletic Transformation at Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Club Med Sandpiper Bay offers an immersive experience for active clients.
Club Med Sandpiper Bay offers an immersive experience for active clients.

Confession: I don’t have an athletic bone in my body. My idea of a workout is my occasional Bar Method class or biking through the neighborhood. And even that, I can’t commit to with much accountability. But during my stay at Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida, I transformed into a pseudo-athlete. After lacing up my sneakers for training each morning, I learned the ins and outs of volleyball, tennis and golf, complemented with training drills that had me sweating before the lesson even began. The athlete in me began to surface, at least for my weekend getaway.

“Club Med Sandpiper Bay offers a wide array of land and watersports for travelers of all ages and sport levels. It is home to the Club Med Academies, where elite sports training is offered in the areas of golf, tennis, volleyball, swimming and running. All of this, combined with the all-inclusive Club Med value, really makes our resort the perfect active getaway,” says Eduardo Rojas, the resort’s chef de village. From perfecting my swing during a golf seminar to learning how to properly serve a tennis ball and volleyball, I trained like the athletes do with professional coaches complemented by video analysis
and critiques.

“Guests are able to try the sports offered with lessons by professional coaches that have helped train some of the world’s top athletes! What better story than to tell your friends your tennis coach was a trainer to Andre Agassi,” points out Rojas.

Fitness, Meditation & Relaxation
During my 3-day athletic immersion, I also took part in a High Intensity Interval Training session. The onsite fitness trainer drilled our group with lunges, pushups and suicide drills. After a break at Soleil restaurant for a green smoothie, I was off to yoga. After all the swinging, jumping, running and training, yoga was exactly what my body needed as a mid-weekend break. The instructor corrected my form, and gave the more advanced students tips on how to make each move more challenging.

In addition to all the athletic options, guests can also take part in a Flying Trapeze class, or go paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing. There are also nutrition lessons (private sessions are $125 per hour, but weekly group sessions are offered), as well as mental coaching sessions.

All that training needs to be topped off with a spa treatment at the Club Med Spa by L’Occitane—the only one in North America. The deep tissue combination treatment I opted for eliminated every ache I had from
the workouts.

Keep in mind, if your clients are like me and don’t really jump at the idea of working out during their vacation, remind them that it can be as relaxing or as vigorous as they want it to be. If their idea of a workout is lifting their piña colada to their lips, walking to dinner, and relaxing at the spa, this Florida resort is perfect for that, too.

Family Fun
This resort gets a check for family-fun inclusions, as well. During my evenings dancing to live bands and DJs at the nightclub, kids were spotted partying along with their parents well into the night; the nightclub also hosts game nights for the whole family to enjoy in the early evening. The resort is also home to children’s clubs for kids ages four months to 17 years old; evening childcare can be booked as well. The Family Deluxe guestroom (starting at $202 pp per night for a single adult), which was my accommodation for the weekend, features one room with two twin beds, one-and-half bathrooms, and a master bedroom with an outdoor patio.

A 3-day booking including six hours of sports training starting at $500 includes sports training, sport-specific fitness, a daily social tournament, mental training, nutritional guidance, and a 1-hour Regeneration Spa treatment. Additionally,  through Oct. 31, 2016 the property is offering free greens fees at its onsite 18-hole course and free group lessons for all levels for those 18 and over; free waterski lessons are available through Aug. 31, 2016 including water ski boats, bi-ski, and mono-ski.

Contact Information
Club Med Sandpiper Bay: clubmed.us