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Rosen Hotels & Resorts is sharing its COVID-19 Response Plan.
Experts from the company’s nationally recognized RosenCare healthcare program partnered with a  specially-appointed task force and created a comprehensive plan that applies specifically to the Rosen Hotels’ eight Orlando hotels. The COVID-19 Response Plan incorporates all of the successful learnings of RosenCare to elevate the company’s level of hygiene and cleanliness to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its hotel guests and associates.
“Our reputation as a hotel company has been built on providing unparalleled, individualized service,” says Harris Rosen, president & COO in press materials. “The wellbeing of our guests and associates continues to remain our highest priority.
“Times like these demand we operate above and beyond to exceed guest expectations,” he adds. “As such, we have put a seasoned team in place who has developed an immediate plan of action to respond to all of the changes we are currently facing and who can swiftly respond to any future changes we may face. Having our own medical center with a team of doctors already intimately involved in our company and with our associates has proven to be an incredible asset to more quickly and effectively develop this program.”
The Rosen task force includes Dr. Ronald Ryan, the 7-year medical director of the Rosen Medical Center, as advisor. Lead by Jonathan Rivera, director of safety services, the team of experts also includes Rosen Hotels’ Risk Management, Rosen Brand Standards and leaders from departments at each of the company’s hotels who have pooled their knowledge to develop a detailed, committed plan of action that focuses on each area of the hotel. New procedures will be implemented at all eight properties and feature enhanced processes such as the cleaning of guest-centric public and “back-of-the-house” private areas with quick-acting hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants considered effective by the CDC.
Additional new hotel processes include, but are not limited to:
  • Adjusting to ensure social distancing between associates and guests and to limit cross-contact of common items. This includes putting in place space capacity limits, furniture rearrangements, queuing floor decals and other procedures to promote social distancing among guests.
  • Posting the CDC’s guidelines on hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes as reminders to guests and associates, while increasing the number of hand sanitizer dispensers that are available and easily accessible throughout the hotels.
  • Placing clear protective barriers at the front desk to separate guests and front desk associates.
  • Using hospital-grade disinfectants designed to kill viruses when thoroughly sanitizing each guestroom with electrostatic sprayers and to ensure touch points and commonly handled items throughout the hotels and guestrooms are more frequently disinfected throughout the day.
  • Bed and bath linens are cleaned at the company-owned, computer-controlled and monitored on-site laundry facility in water temperatures hot enough to kill viruses. The laundering process also uses steam which further disinfects linens; while virus-eliminating detergents are used. Carts transporting linens from the company’s laundry facility to each hotel are sanitized with fast-acting disinfectants.
  • Screening associates to include temperature checks before each shift. All ill associates will be instructed to remain at home. Associates also have been trained and are frequently reminded on how to assess for symptoms and how to notify management for assistance and guidance.
  • Key management will be continuously apprised on the latest developments. Rosen associates, who play an integral part in the efforts, will be regularly briefed on the need for proper and consistent hygiene practices.
“RosenCare’s success has been achieved through an intense focus on prevention,” said Rosen in press materials. “Prevention also will be our focus as we elevate our hygiene standards at our eight Orlando hotels in response to the new pandemic. We have always maintained an impeccable level of cleanliness on behalf of our valued guests. However, now with our medical team’s involvement, we will ensure the highest levels of disinfection related to today’s new standards are unquestionably maintained.”
Having an established medical team was key to the company’s ability to quickly respond during the initial stages of the pandemic and secure testing capabilities early on for its associates. Through relationships with local certified labs, the team was able to purchase COVID-19 PCR tests with rapid results given within 24 hours. As such, the company was able to begin screening and testing its associates, obtaining results significantly faster and more cost-effectively than most testing facilities. Rosen Hotels & Resorts eight Orlando area hotels remained open until mid-April, when all but the 1334-room Rosen Centre were closed.
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