One Resolution Worth Keeping: Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, and most of the time, they don’t last. This year, tell your clients to try a different approach: Enjoy a little Las Vegas indulgence first, and then they’ll be ready to stick to their New Year’s pledges.

For example, if they have a sweet tooth and are committed to cutting back on treats, hey, that’s commendable. But before they do, suggest that they enjoy one last round of delicious desserts at the Sugar Factory inside Paris Las Vegas or Ghirardelli’s at Carnaval Court, the outdoor promenade at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Suppose they vow to save money by eating out less this year. Again, that’s admirable—but that’s no reason to give up culinary cravings completely, so send them on a January trip to Las Vegas to enjoy a few more award-winning restaurants, then tell them to start abiding by those resolutions in February. We won’t tell.

Perhaps your clients are sports fans whose significant others claim they are spending too much time in front of the TV, so they’ve promised to cut back on sports viewing. Well, get one last screen-fest in with football playoffs, college and pro basketball, and hockey games all going on simultaneously on huge screens throughout luxurious Las Vegas sports books.

Resolutions can wait. After all, your clients can’t break one if they haven’t started it yet, so help them enjoy a little Las Vegas and then New Year’s commitments will be easier to keep.

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