Explore Canada’s Outdoors With the Loden Hotel

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Loden Hotel and Musette Caffe's WanderFIT program features custom-crafted bike rides and hikes in Canada's great outdoors.
Loden Hotel and Musette Caffe’s WanderFIT program features custom-crafted bike rides and hikes in Canada’s great outdoors.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the five-star Loden Hotel and cycling-themed Musette Caffe have teamed up to launch a fitness initiative that encourages guests of the boutique property to explore outdoors while enjoying all of the urban luxuries the hotel has to offer. The locally inspired WanderFIT program features custom-crafted bike rides and hikes guided by Musette Caffe’s experienced cyclists and trail runners, and Musette Caffe owner-operator Thomas Eleizegui. Each tour is available as a package or an add-on and is customized to guests’ experience level, desired duration and intensity level, and fitness goals. The 77-guestroom Loden Hotel, situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver, provides the ideal jumping-off point for the outdoor tours since it is located on Canada’s West Coast near the North Shore Mountains. The hotel itself offers a warm, residential feel with its earthy tones of caramel, coral and chocolate browns and high-end amenities, such as the BeFit gym, Tableau Bar Bistro and Loden Spa.

Agents receive 10 percent commission on regular hotel bookings and will receive 10 percent commission on the room portion bundled into the WanderFIT packages. As an added amenity and service at the hotel, WanderFIT hikes and rides are not commissionable, however they are a great add-on for active travelers. Agents have the option to book their client’s room separate from any package and add a WanderFIT experience onto the reservation or book the package as a whole. Keep in mind that WanderFIT Packages only include 10 percent commission on the room rate bundled into the package not the full retail rate of the package. The WanderFIT Trek package starts at $556 per night, or guests can add a trek for $169 plus tax. The WanderFIT Cycle package starts at $611 per night, or guests can add a ride for $239 plus tax. All rides and treks, regardless of whether it is an add-on or a part of a package, include a private guide, any equipment or rentals, and snacks throughout the ride or trek. For regular room rates and more information, call (877) 225-6336 or visit theloden.com/vancouverboutique-hotel/wanderfit.