Accessibility Program at The Chelsea Hotel

The children's room in the Family Suite at The Chelsea Hotel.
The children’s room in the Family Suite at The Chelsea Hotel.

The Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto is Closing the Gap, meaning it’s the first hotel in Toronto to adopt an accessibility program designed to enhance the hotel experience for persons with disabilities.

The Guest Accessibility package will offer guests information to help them make the most out of their stay, by minimizing any potential accessibility barriers due to a lack of communication or information. Guests will have all they need to know regarding emergency evacuation procedures, accessible entrances and exits, and where to find hotel amenities, activities, and local attractions. The information is available in print, braille, and electronic text via USB drive or web browser.

The resort also offers the Autism Comfort package, which includes social scripts to help with the understanding of the hotel and its amenities. Fidget Kits are also included in the package to help with the sensory issues some individuals with Autism face.

The property also features a Kid Centre, Club 33 Teen Lounge, a Family Fun Zone & Family Pool area, a fitness center, dining options, and complimentary WiFi. The property is also located walking distance from many of Toronto’s tourist sites. For more information, call (800) 243-5732 or visit