New Mazatlan Travel Site

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Mazatlan travel site
The new Mazatlan travel site homepage.

The Mazatlan Tourism Board has launched a new Mazatlan travel site for the travel industry. The new website will offer users quick and easy access to tourism information highlighting all there is to do and see in the destination.

The new site includes many new features including:

  • New and colorful photography and video
  • Updated creative content for the destination’s hotels and resorts, restaurants, tourist attractions, activities, and places close by to explore
  • Upgraded and improved calendar of events
  • A registration page to sign up to receive electronic newsletters, sweepstakes information, and special offers
  • A new “Souvenir Stories” section that allows guests to write their own stories and upload photos of their visit to Mazatlan
  • A “Snaps” section that features thousands of photos that have been shared across social media with #SouvenirStories
  • An active newsroom

For more information on the new tourism site, visit; and to learn about booking opportunities in Mazatlan, check out our story, “2018 Brings New Booking Opportunities.”