Q&A with Miguel Torruco, Mexico City’s Minister of Tourism

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Condesa Park in Mexico City.
Condesa Park in Mexico City.

Mexico City recently launched its Live It to Believe It marketing campaign. Developed and promoted by the Mexico Tourism Board, the aim is to attract North American travelers to Mexico City to experience the destination’s culture, historic landmarks and colonial architecture, as well as culinary flavors. Recommend’s associate editor, Deserae del Campo, spoke with the Minister of Tourism Miguel Torruco about the new campaign and how it will change the overall perception of Mexico City for the North American traveler.

Deserae del Campo: Where did the campaign name, “Live It and Believe It,” come from? What was the inspiration behind it? 

Miguel Torruco: The campaign was developed by the Mexico Tourism Board, and Mexico City is one of the main destinations within the campaign. The inspiration behind it was really to showcase different aspects that might be surprising to the traveler. In the case of Mexico City, there are many characteristics to the huge metropolis that can be unexpected, such as the gastronomy, the nightlife and the historic attractions. For example, an 18th century castle in the middle of the expansive Chapultepec Park. We want to showcase the many experiences available to “Live in Mexico City” because we know that many times, once a traveler has been here, they want to come back again and again.

DC: Do you believe that safety in Mexico City is still a factor affecting travel to the region today? 

MT: We understand that safety is a concern for travelers, but Mexico City is actually the safest city in the country. We register only nine homicides for every 100,000 residents, which is way below several cities in the U.S. and Canada. The city has approximately 14,000 surveillance cameras in public areas (8,000 distributed around city streets and 4,000 in the subway system). It is all monitored 24/7 in a central command center.

DC: How will this new campaign change the outlook and perception of Mexico City? 

MT: We would like travelers to see the destination for all it has to offer. Many times, travelers come to Mexico City for business or stop here on route to another destination in the country or to other areas in Central and South America. We would like to invite them to extend their stop and really experience the city over a few days. We know that once people visit, they are left surprised with the vast variety of offerings the city has.

DC: Do travel agents have access to the new campaign in terms of images or commercials to share with their clients?

MT: Travel agents can share the link of the campaign via this link. Unfortunately the photos of the campaign are not available, but the Mexico City Tourism Office can share photos with agents. Please contact Ruben Morales at rubenmf@mexicocity.gob.mx.

DC: Will the Mexico Tourism Board be hosting any FAM for agents? How does an agent obtain more information about Mexico City and its hotels/sites/offerings? 

MT: Yes, Mexico City’s Tourism Office will be hosting FAMs for agents. For more information, visit the Mexico City’s Ministry of Tourism’s website at mexicocity.gob.mx.

DC: How long will this new campaign run? 

MT: The campaign begins in September and is part of a 2-year strategy.

DC: In your own words, what makes Mexico City a destination worth visiting? 

MT: Mexico City has many special charms. It has 175 museums, ­which makes it second to London as the city with the most museums in the world. It’s also recognized for its gastronomy; according to Forbes, it is the fourth best city in the world for gastronomic experience. Mexico City has beautiful architecture, culture and traditions. The city actually showcases the works and tradition of three cultures—the Aztec Empire, the colonial era and the modern, cosmopolitan city it is today.