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Located just off the coast of India and Sri Lanka, Joali Being resides on the secluded island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll in the Republic of The Maldives, a 40-minute seaplane flight from Male International Airport. Prior to the flight, all guests are accommodated in the Joali private airport lounge. 

Built according to biophilic design principles and designed as a nature immersive retreat, it is the first of its kind in the Maldives. Joali Being offers 68 guest villas, each with a private pool and signature inclusions such as mini-bars stocked with healthy products. General manager Ozgur Cengiz says, “Joali Being joins its sister property Joali Maldives on a mission to inspire natural and thoughtful ways to travel.”

Points of Distinction 

Joali Being is committed to responsible travel and offers programs that are nature immersive, while honoring and respecting the local landscape, culture and communities. The one island, one resort concept is unique to the Maldives. 

“All the elements of this island work together to bring to life specialized spaces, opportunities, and unique moments that lend themselves to a vast array of possibilities. The magic of Joali Being is that no story is previously written and no itinerary previously set. Rather, it is a place where all visitors are welcome, invited, and encouraged to pave the way for their own journey of self-discovery and renewal, enabling them to return home feeling uplifted and inspired,” says Cengiz. 

Health & Safety Protocols and Procedures

All COVID-related restrictions were lifted in March 2022 in the Maldives. No vaccination certificate or test result is currently required for travelers to enter.

Activities & Programs Offered

Joali Being provides guests with an experience that is designed to be transformative. Following an in-depth on-arrival consultation with a personal consultant, each guest is offered an individualized journey centered around the Four Pillars of Joali Being—mind, skin, microbiome and energy.  Cengiz says, “With nature as the guiding force, the retreat combines both traditional and modern methods to illuminate a path to transcendence, self-discovery and renewal.” 

Along with 39 spa treatment rooms, Joali Being offers a collection of nature inspired wellness-focused spaces spread across the island.

These include: 

Joali Being
Areka at Joali Being. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

Areka: As the entrance and consultation area, Areka (the Dhivehi word for a common local plant) opens the door to Joali Being’s fully immersive experiences, therapeutic and alternative healing treatments, as well as their fitness facilities. Areka offers separate male and female hydrotherapy areas plus facilities such as the ice grotto, sauna, steam, vitality pools, garden, lockers and changing rooms that can be used both prior and after treatment sessions.

Core: This multi-room fitness space includes diagnostic rooms, private training rooms, a Pilates studio, a fitness room, and the unique Ocean Sala which includes an antigravity yoga pavilion, a podlogist center, an open-air meditation deck plus an over-the-sea couples treatment room with a private sauna. The retreat’s dedicated movement specialists guide guests through extensive mind and body experiences.

Kaashi, the Hydrotherapy Hall: Allowing guests to experience the deep relaxation of the Watsu , the cleansing powers of the Russian Banya and the Aufguss Sauna, and the tranquility of the Sensory Deprivation Room, the Hydrotherapy Hall honors the tradition of healing through water. 

Seda, the Sound Therapy Hall: Envisioned in collaboration with sound healing experts, the Sound Therapy Hall allows for a guest’s inner balance to be restored through the healing harmony of music and vibration. 

The Discovery Sound Path: This on-site, outdoor sound therapy oasis is designed to resonate with the natural rhythms of the island. Here, guests can discover and interact with a series of thoughtfully designed musical instruments.

Aktar: The Turkish word for where herbs, plants and seeds were sold, Aktar is a herbology center where guests can address concerns around the four pillars of Joali Being—mind, skin, microbiome and energy. The resident herbalist specializes in preparing natural remedies using herbs, spices and essential oils. Aktar also includes a curated library as well as space for interactive workshops where guests can discover the benefits of herbal teas and learn how to make body creams, face masks and massage oils with natural ingredients.

 Types of Clients the Property Caters To

Welcoming guests over the age of 14 years, the retreat caters to couples, solo travelers, group of friends and families. A majority of Joali Being guests come from Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and Latin America.

Ranging from five nights to three weeks, Joali Being’s personalized immersion programs are designed to rebalance the four pillars of Joali Being by inviting guests to embark on a customized journey following what the retreat refers to as an Intelligent Movement Analysis and an Integrative Health Assessment. 

Immersion Programs can then be tailored towards the guest’s specific goals and intentions including: increased strength and vitality, mental clarity and sense of wellbeing, hormonal balance, women’s health, digestive and weight rebalance, restorative sleep, as well as movement and alignment for good health and immunity.

Customizable Porgrams

Joali Being
Aerial view of Joali Being. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Tourism Association.)

Joali Being has a dedicated team of naturopaths, therapists, movement specialists and nutritionists who work closely with each guest’s personal wellness consultant throughout each personalized journey to best ensure that individual goals and objectives can be achieved.

Best Time to Travel

With an average annual temperature of 92 degrees Fahrenheit, the Maldives is generally considered a great year-round destination. The dry season runs from December to May, and the wet season runs from mid-May to November. Cengiz points out that, “Rain, however, doesn’t last long, even during the wet season.” 

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