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To help you better sell Germany during this time, and in the months to come, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is summarizing its ongoing marketing activities on all its social media channels worldwide in the #DiscoverGermanyFromHome communication campaign. The main goal is to make inspiring, empathetic, and at the same time, informative content that’s both entertaining and interactive, and to exchange ideas with the travelers of tomorrow. The campaign includes virtual experience formats of the destinations in Germany from all 16 federal states. In doing so, the campaign invites future travelers to discover Germany as a travel destination virtually, thereby strengthening contact with potential visitors to Germany. 

In addition to #DiscoverGermanyFromHome, the campaign uses hashtags that are already in circulation, such as #staysafe, #stayathome, or #traveltomorrow. “Despite the lockdown, we remain active,” explains Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the board of the GNTB. “We are constantly on the move on more than 30 social media channels to keep the interest in Germany as a travel destination alive in an inspiring and informative way. We focus on entertaining and interactive posts. In addition to direct customer contact, we use our established online tools to maintain an active dialogue with our partners in Germany tourism and the international travel industry.“

Due to the current situation, the GNTB has postponed all planned market-specific and worldwide marketing measures, including the start of the scheduled campaigns “German Summer Cities” and “#WanderlustGermany,” into the second half of the year. The preparations have been completed so far that the digital parts can start “at the push of a button.” 

In line with the current development in the various source markets, recovery measures begin from the second half of the year. Campaigns are rescheduled, and content rolled out quickly in line with market requirements.

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