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Trafalgar has launched private trips: Groups of 12 or more can book an entirely private trip on most of the company’s winter and spring itineraries throughout Europe and North America.

This new initiative gives enhanced peace of mind for family and friends preferring to travel as their own private travel bubble. With all travel details taken care of and a dedicated On-Road Team trained in physical distancing and hygiene protocols, private trips offer the perfect way to ease back into travel in the ever-changing world. 

We know people want to travel but may be apprehensive about widening their circle beyond close family and friends,” said Gavin Tollman, CEO of Trafalgar and Costsaver, in a press release statement. “Our private trips are designed to make stepping back into travel easy and comfortable.”

To book an exclusive departure, guests will have the option to pay an additional cost per person, ranging depending on the size of the group:

  • For 12 to 15 guests – 30% surcharge on brochured/advertised price
  • For 16 to 19 guests – 20% surcharge on brochured/advertised price
  • For 20 to 25 guests – 10% surcharge on brochured/advertised price
  • For 26 guests or more, the price is as brochure/advertised, no additional surcharge

This offer is also available on winter and spring itineraries for sister-brand Costsaver. In addition to this new private trips initiative, across all itineraries, Trafalgar and Costsaver have introduced a rigorous set of enhanced new hygiene and distancing guidelines and on-road protocols, adapting to new requirements and expectations and complying with physical distancing requirements by relevant government authorities. This also includes adjusting guest numbers on trips and ensuring partners and suppliers agree to new guidelines too.

Trafalgar also recently announced a third member to its exceptional Travel Director and Driver teams, a dedicated Wellbeing Director, who will be trained to support guests on their travels each day and monitor hygiene and distancing. 

To book a private trip, advisors can contact Trafalgar and Costsaver using the “Make this departure yours” button on and

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