Spotlight Tours with Collette

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Explore Venice with one of Collette's Spotlight tours.
Explore Venice with one of Collette’s Spotlight tours.

Collette’s new Spotlight tours, with its first departures in May 2015, are now on sale.

The Spotlight tours offer a blend of touring and leisure time for travelers to do some discovery of their own. These tours cater to the traveler who is looking for a short trip, or who has visited the city in the past and wants to revisit and explore a bit more. Collette also offers local guided tours (not hop-on, hop-off), some meals, free nights for travelers to explore the city on their own, and the extra perk of only having to unpack once.

Tours currently offered for bookings include Spotlight on San Francisco ($1,649 pp dbl), Spotlight on Paris ($1,749 pp dbl), Spotlight on Dublin ($1,549 pp dbl), Spotlight on Beijing ($999 dbl), Spotlight on New York (along with a holiday version at $1,749 pp dbl), and Spotlight on San Antonio (plus a holiday version at $1,149 pp dbl). Prices are for land only.  For more information, visit